How to meet the gods

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How to meet the gods

Post by Clive » Mon Apr 25, 2016 3:14 am

This seems to be an extremely complex process.

Some form of space suit seems to be required, and or specially equipped and trained astronauts.

Various training manuals must be understood and followed, rituals often involving decontamination processes carried out, various types of training journeys carried out.

As with space travel, there are various options including spending time in various orbits or places.

There are choices about taking everything with you, collecting more stuff on the way and various permutations.

An option is for the gods to come to us, this is often presented as a last scenario, much like Andromeda crashing into the Milky Way.

Is xianity a staged journey? A perfect man meets the gods in a heavenly level? The cross as the space shuttle resupplying the ISS?

The permutations that have been invented are actually quite impressive.

One small step is also a heavenly ascent ritual?
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