The Mithraeum of the Seven Gates

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Re: The Mithraeum of the Seven Gates

Post by slevin » Thu Mar 12, 2015 3:44 pm

Peter Kirby wrote:I don't really have a dog in this fight (nor did I have any idea, until right now, that there was a fight to have a dog in here).
Thank you Peter. Somehow I managed to derail this lovely thread, and for that I apologize. The Mithraeum is lovely and deserves a more thoughtful response.

I am grateful for the references. One of them was quite attractive, in the sense that it seems, from my perspective, to support my understanding of the ancient situation:

It was your first link, which included reference to Luke (and another in Mark), where Jesus enters the Synagogue, "on the Sabbath, as was his custom." Yes, Jesus, a Jewish preacher, would be entering the Synagogue on Sabado, not Domingo!!

Did Jesus advocate eating pork? Did he suggest sharing meals with comrades who happened to be unwashed, lice riddled, uncircumcised heathen? Did Jesus ever suggest something to the effect that the Jews ought to permit pagans and outcasts to use their Synagogue facilities on Sunday, in order to worship a deity acknowledged to be not YHWH? Did Jesus indicate that the congregation of uncircumcised men, and women with bare heads, could enter the synagogue as a group, for the purpose of sharing a ceremony dedicated to worship of a divinity unrecognized as such by Judaism?

It was the beauty of the Mithraeum that provided the impetus to pose this question of admission to Jewish Synagogues, in yesteryear. In other words, I could not tolerate some group of individuals, with whom I had openly engaged in fisticuffs, or worse, to enter the building which I had labored mightily to construct. The Jews and Christians were not exactly palsy walsy in those days, were they? Nope. They killed one another.

I will continue through your references. Thanks again.

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