Military Inscriptions and Papyri of Early Roman Palestine

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Military Inscriptions and Papyri of Early Roman Palestine

Post by MrMacSon » Sun Feb 11, 2018 9:17 pm

a Database of Military Inscriptions and Papyri of Early Roman Palestine: -

How to Use DMIPERP

The purpose of this database is to collect the various written documents (whether ostraca, epigraphs, papyri, or literary) that attest to military situations in Palestine during the period 63 BCE-132 CE. An English translation has been provided for texts, the source is noted with an asterisk (*) in the bibliography, though it may be slightly modified for consistency across DMIPERP. No corpus of this sort has ever been attempted, but Baruch Lifshitz (1969; cf. 1959) collected major inscriptions from Palestine mentioning the legions – though it is severely out of date. More recently Werner Eck (2016a) made a helpful list of relevant inscriptions. I use the term “Palestine” to refer to the contiguous lands controlled by Herod the Great and/or his descendants at their fullest extent (i.e., Judaea, Galilee, Peraea, Batanaea, Gaza), as well as the entire Decapolis (including Damascus) and other independent cities in the area like Ascalon – the boundaries of this definition are visualized in the Map and Gazeteer. The primary reason for defining Palestine as such is to distinguish lands marked by Herodian history from other nearby land (e.g., Syria, Nabataea, Emesa). This distinction corresponds closely with the region in which the Gospels depicts Jesus’ activity, omitting only Tyre and Sidon. The word “Judaea” will almost always refer to the province/kingdom of Judaea to avoid confusion with the geographic region of Judaea in southern Palestine. That is, I employ “Judaea” on the same register as Syria, Italia, and Egypt; it is not here an informal regional designation (like, e.g., Samaria, Idumaea, Golan Heights).

The present collection of texts is inevitably arbitrary in its selection and categorization. I have divided the database into five sections: 1) texts attesting to the military that were found in Palestine, 2) texts attesting Jews and Palestinians either in or interacting with the military found outside Palestine, 3) military diplomas awarded for duty in Judaea/Syria Palaestina or to Palestinian units or soldiers, 4) selected Palestinian milestones, and 5) pre-Constantinian Christian military inscriptions. Texts are presented in rough chronological order within each section ... ... se-dmiperp

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Re: Military Inscriptions and Papyri of Early Roman Palestine

Post by Jax » Mon Feb 12, 2018 6:20 am

Very nice! That site would be worth it just for the map alone. :thumbup:

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