Trojan Horse = Noah's Ark

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Trojan Horse = Noah's Ark

Post by Ethan » Sun Mar 11, 2018 7:13 am

The Trojan Horse is δούρειος ἵππος [ Wooden Horse ].

δούρειος , the root is δόρυ "stem of a tree", identical with יַעַר [Yor ] in Phoenician.

In Homeric times, ἵππος would be ἴκκος , similar too the Latin Equus, that sounds allot like the word Aqua. In Phoenician, Kuk is a Horse, Akeb is a Horse-Hoof. In Phoenician 'אָפִיק'[Apiq] means 'stream of water' , identical with πηγάζω[Pegazo] 'stream of water' that's related too Πήγασος [Pegasus] " winged horse" and πηγή [Paga] ' running water' .

Puxos [πύξος] "Box tree"
Pithos [πίθος] "Large Jar"
Pakah [ פָּכָה ] "Water bottle"
Pak [פַּךְ] "Flask"

They are a few stories in the Old Testament that relate too the Trojan horse, but dialects changes the meaning of the words, so the story arch is different.

Exodus 2 - Opened the Box that was in the Middle Genesis 2:9 - The Tree [Dora] was in the middle.

In Exodus 2, 'Opened' is פָּתַח [PTH] and Pithos was the name of the vessel that was opened by Pandora, the scene in Exodus 2, is also comparable to Perseus, also placed inside a Chest.

Gen 18:24 - Peradventure there be 50 righteous in the Midst the city

In some accounts, the Trojan Horse held 50 people , but the key word in Gen 18:24 is סָפָה ( Caphah ) , just a dialect form of סוּסָה (Cachah) [ Horse], similar to סוּף [ Cuph] in Exodus 2, Moses was laid in a Wooden Cuph [δούρειος ἵππος].

the Battle of Siddim must be the Trojan War, evidence, is the word Ilion , in Phoenician אַלּוֹן [elown ] appears in Genesis 18:1 , translated 'plains' in the KJV, as the setting of the Battle.

The reason they are 50, is because the word for the number חֲמִשִּים [chamishshiym ] roots from chamush [חָמַשׁ ] ' arrayed for battle by fives ' , Indeed, if you account all the children of Jacob, including his grandson, they are 50 and the name Jacob, derives from Akeb [ Horse Hoof] , from Linear B 'EQU ' [ Horse], this is the reason why they are 50 sons of Aegyptus and 50 daughters Danaeus, one of the daughters of Jacob, was Dinah , but the most important daughter of Danaeus was Hypermnestra [ Hyper = עֵבֶר], the great-grandmother of Danea, mother of Perseus [פָּרָשׁ](Horseman) identified with Moses, the elements of the Perseus story are in the Exodus. In this story, Moses lifts up a Serpentine Rod called 'Matteh' [מַטֶּה ] creating the 'River of Blood' , see Paus. 4.35, 'Perseus defeated Cetus by lifting up the Serpentine Head called 'Medusa' and the blood of Cetus created a 'River of Blood'.

The word 'Cetus' is also Hebrew, from Chathath [חָתַת ][κατα], also paired with חָלַף [Kalap] forming the word κατακλυσμὸν [Cataclysm] [ Jeremiah 14:4] and Cetus, is what swallowed Jonah, in 'Joppa' [Aeithiopia] where we find Perseus [Paus. 4.35 ].

Cetus 'vomited' Jonah, , the word Vomit is Raqaq[רָקַק] , this is the origin of the word Krakan & Dragon, indeed , Joppa, in Joshua 19:46 is named ' Rakkon' , the Septuagint reads 'Sea of Ierakon' .
[note. Joppa is in Lebanon, is not present day Jaffa]

Jonah means 'Dove', who was spat out upon 'dry land' , the word-play is identical in Gen 8:10, when Noah, let out a 'Dove' that found 'dry land' .

This means, Noah's Ark, Trojan Horse, Tree of Eden, Cetus, Moses' Basket and Pandora's Box are all identical with linguistic, An important feature of the Trojan horse are the 'Wheels' and are the same wheels written about in the Book of Ezekiel and is the same structure detailed in 1 Kings 7.

The structure built in 1 Kings 7:2, is called 'the house of the forest of Lebanon' , the word Forest is יַעַר [ya`ar] > δούρειος , which was ' fifty cubits and thirty cubits ' , the same measurements of Noah's Ark in Gen 6:15 and are both three stories [1 Kings 7:4 ].

This structure is also known in Phoenician history, known as a 'Hippocampus', depicted on coins minted at Tyre , same type of structure in 2 Kings 20:20 ' He made a pool and a conduit to bring water too the city' , according to 2 Chro 32:20 ' They closed the upper watercourse', 2 Chron 23:4 'stopped the fountains' and Isaiah 41:7 ' I will open rivers and make a pool of water', So how did they Open/Close these Conduits , they used Wheels. A 'Chest' ( Water-container) which opens and closes , that controls the flow of water. Gen 7:11 ' Window was opened' and there was water. then Gen 8:1 'the windows was closed' . The Flood of Noah was not Natural, it was man-made , for watering the gardens and crops in Lebanon. This is the Trojan Horse.

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