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Hadrian and the harmonization of local laws

Posted: Sat Apr 20, 2019 11:51 pm
by MrMacSon
Hadrian and the harmonization of local laws, by Juan M. Cortés Copete, in The Impact of Justice on the Roman Empire. Proceedings of the Thirteenth Workshop of the International Network Impact of Empire, 2019, O. Hekster, K. Verboven eds.,

Aelius Aristides, in his Oration on Rome, presents the Roman empire as a legally unified empire founded on justice. I argue that the harmonization of central imperial and provincial local law reflects legal and judicial reforms promoted by Hadrian. That did not imply that Hadrian aimed to replace local laws with imperial regulations. On the contrary, he appears to have strengthened local institutions and local legal traditions by confirming cities’ rights to use their own laws. While Hadrian promoted legal diversity within the framework of the empire, he actively intervened in local legislation, harmonising conflicting local laws and adapting them to the koinoi nomoi, the common laws, of the empire. Hadrian emerged [from] the process as the ultimate source of law and judicial authority. ... card=title