Islamic Bigotry

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Islamic Bigotry

Post by Robert Baird » Fri Oct 30, 2015 2:59 am

Islamic Bigotry:

I have avoided putting the Muslims of this world outside of the cultus they belong to through all of my writing over the last two decades. I have done this because there is a great deal of prejudice directed at them and they really did not do as many "heinous acts" (The words of the Pope in 1999 as he apologized to the world for two millennia of world domination.} against humanity despite their record of misogyny. Of course the other members of this Judaeo/Christian/Islamic cultus are often at war or worse against each other too. For those who point to Islam being in many cultures and not always supportive of misogyny let me put this link here to say I have considered that too.

I recently lost a Libyan Muslim friend who went on to Dubai He will be trading in oil futures on a somewhat new platform including robot trading which I consider immoral and part of what lead to the recent Great Recession caused by Wall Street. The funny thing about this is he has bought the fiction that usury is immoral which was written into the Bible by the people who got the monopoly on usury - the Benjaminites including the banksters you hear being called a New World Order by ignorant sheep trying to blame them for what is wrong in our society. Feysal and I had occasion to talk about many things, including his studies in an MBA course nearby. In my past I was selected by the student body at Canada's top Business school to represent them on the Programme Committee. Feysal and I agreed the Muslims had been the guardians of knowledge and education during the Dark Ages and he quoted his Prophet on this matter as follows. “The pursuit of knowledge is a duty of every Muslim, man and woman”, said the Prophet (swa). With this instruction it became a religious duty of Muslims to educate themselves, their families, and their societies.

I found him to be a very moral and righteous gentleman even though ignorant of true history and being guided by such naive thoughts. When we got him a little aware of how interest was a built in cost of doing business on a Forex platform he was trading on he confronted them about it. That is a good thing, and he found out very quickly that we were right, and they backed off claims about meeting the Muslim need to avoid interest, in fact the site closed down. Not all Muslims are so inclined, and many of my Muslim friends on Hollywood Blvd. were very sharp business people who I would often spend hours every day talking with about all subjects (For eight years).

Now, and over the last two weeks I have been exposed to a relatively lame and silly group of Muslims who along with some Christians of a BELIEVER sort who are also uninformed or 'born again' psychological misfits. Partially this is why I choose to deal with Islamic bigotry and prejudice. Of course we all have heard about how they treat women in many sects where clothing must cover the woman almost entirely due to male sexual idiocy. I don't intend to address the 72 virgins and problems of the Mideast wars and unrest which get so much attention and often unfairly attack feudal people being abused by theocrats and their Ayatollahs or Qaddafi Ducks.


It is my intention to examine the sect of Islam which a boyhood idol of mine joined - Cat Stevens. They are mystics and ecumenical like myself and it hurts to see them suffer at the hands of diabolical feudal cretins and murderers. The Sufis get the rest of Islam all upset by allowing women to teach Islam, and they sometimes point to their ancient roots as the Whirling Dervish which pre-dates a hundred millennia and gave early man spiritual insight greater than any religion.
"For decades, the mystical Sufis in Nazareth have celebrated Islam through music and poetry without considering themselves in danger.

But nowadays, local Salafis, who practice a more conservative and coercive Islam, bully and beat Sufi leaders to deter them from their practices, Muslim community leaders told Haaretz.

"We visit tombs of holy peoples and they say it is forbidden; we chant and they say it is forbidden to use instruments; I say there should be dialogue with Israelis and Jews because the prophet Muhammed received delegations of Jewish tribes," but Salafis object, said Nazareth Sheikh Ghassan Menasra, 44, a leader of the Qadiri Sufi Order of the Holy Land.

/ ... s-1.457312"

As Cat Stevens said "Tell me, where do the children play?"

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