Marcion and Lucan and Leucius and Luke

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Marcion and Lucan and Leucius and Luke

Post by Giuseppe » Fri Oct 20, 2017 1:46 am

After him arose one Lucan by name, a follower and disciple of Marcion. He, too, wading through the same kinds of blasphemy, teaches the same as Marcion and Cerdo had taught. ... pelles.htm
Leucius (1), the reputed author of large apocryphal additions to the N.T. history, which originated in heretical circles, and which, though now lost, were much current in early times. The fullest account is that given by Photius (Cod. 114), who describes a book, called The Circuits of the Apostles, which contained the Acts of Peter, John, Andrew, Thomas, and Paul, and purported to have been written by Leucius Charinus. This second name Charinus is peculiar to Photius, earlier writers calling the author simply Leucius, a name variously altered by transcribers. Photius characterizes the book as in style utterly unlike the genuine N.T. writings, and full of folly, self-contradiction, falsehood, and impiety. It taught the existence of two gods—an evil one, the God of the Jews, having Simon Magus as his minister, and a good one, from Whom Christ came. It confounded the Father and the Son; denied the reality of Christ's Incarnation, and gave a Docetic account of His life on earth and especially of His crucifixion. ... 0additions

The proto-catholics accused the follower Lucan of Marcion for what indeed Leucius had done on other Gospels: to expand the Gospel of a phantomatic ''Luke''.

There was a character confusion about a Lucan faihful follower of Marcion (and his Gospel) and about a Leucius known to expand previous Gospels. It gave origin to the legend of the Gospel ''according to Luke''.
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