Bob Price makes the same my point about Mark 8:27-30!!!

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Re: Bob Price makes the same my point about Mark 8:27-30!!!

Post by klewis » Wed Feb 12, 2020 12:24 am

Giuseppe wrote:
Tue Feb 11, 2020 11:07 pm
klewis wrote:
Tue Feb 11, 2020 12:41 pm
Dr Price has lots of insights into the construction of the Gospels. He would be happy to see that you found the same stuff he did and you took it in a different direction.
true, but strangely he didn't answer to a my mail (and I don't like facebook). My problem with Bob Price is that he seems to be not much aware of the findings of the French mythicists as I do. He seems to place himself more on the line of the English and American mythicists (that is precisely the impression I had by reading his Christ myth and its problems). And he knows the French mythicists only by few English translations of their works. Unfortunately, a lot of interesting findings/interpretations are lost to us and are found in some unknown library of France, expecting that some pious person published them again.
I don't know if he knows French, that in itself would be a limitation of not knowing the French connection. Also, keep in mind that his reading is not restricted to the mythicists position, in fact he likes to read positions contrary to his. He is also very busy, trying to pump out as many books and projects as he can and produce a quarterly issue of the Journal of Higher Criticism.

I think it was lucky timing when I corresponded with him prior to the rebooting of the Journal of Higher Criticism. I am still amaze that he actually read my entire book and the email traffic that followed, I treasure. My last correspondence with him was about a year ago. I never met him personally, but perhaps some day I will get the chance.

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