“My God, my God, why have you CURSED me?”

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“My God, my God, why have you CURSED me?”

Post by Giuseppe » Sat Oct 13, 2018 8:20 am

In one manuscript line of the Gospel of Mark Jesus is said to have called out at his moment of death, “My God, my God, why have you cursed me?” — thus adhering to what Paul wrote about the fate of the Son of God;

https://vridar.org/2018/10/13/jesus-fro ... n-a-cross/

It is evident that God (the creator) could curse only one who was his enemy.

But if the earliest evangelist was a Judaizer ( as I suspect he was), then why did he put a so strong contrast between his God (YHWH) and the crucified man?

An answer may be that he didn't realize the reason, and a partial evidence of the his ignorance is that he inserted the reference to Elijah (“he is calling Elijah”) to explain what even him didn't realize.

But an alternative answer is that he wanted to eclipse a previous myth where the crucifier was not Pilate and not the Jews, but the same Creator.

Hence, if even Jesus (the Judaized Jesus) is surprised from the apparent hatred of the creator against him, then the reader could better accept the scandal of a Roman crucifixion.

Evidence of the identity of the crucifier with the same Creator is in Justin, Apology 1:60:

If you look to this figure, and believe, you shall be saved thereby. Numbers 21:8 And when this was done, it is recorded that the serpents died, and it is handed down that the people thus escaped death. Which things Plato reading, and not accurately understanding, and not apprehending that it was the figure of the cross, but taking it to be a placing crosswise, he said that the power next to the first God was placed crosswise in the universe.

who is for Plato “the power next to the first God” if not the Demiurge? And who is who crucified the Demiurge Jesus in the original myth, if not the same Creator before that he was identified with Jesus?

Hence we have the following evolution:

1) The Serpent = Jesus, the Demiurge is the Creator

2) the Demiurge is Jesus, the Serpent is Satan

3) the Son of Demiurge is Jesus, the Serpent is Satan.
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