Is the secrecy in Mark (and in Asc. of Isaiah) against Marcion?

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Is the secrecy in Mark (and in Asc. of Isaiah) against Marcion?

Post by Giuseppe » Fri Nov 02, 2018 2:20 am

In a recent thread, I had shown that there would be a strong probability that the precise interest of Marcion is to show that the Son of Father had to make himself known by the his first - first in absolute terms - apparition on the earth. Otwerwhise, how could the people know in a first place that the God of Marcion was alien only a day before?

In Mark instead, I see that all the people know fully Barabbas (and the reader with the people), while all ignore who is really Jesus, even if the reader knows that he is the Christ, the dubitative form "called king of the Jews" makes it relatively doubt.

I remember also that Barabbas is - as discovered independently by both Couchoud and J. Magne - a parody of the Gnostic and Marcionite “Son of Father” who is not the Jewish Messiah.

Hence I wonder: was the Messianic Secret in Mark a way to contrast Marcion, more than a marcionite theme?

Note that Couchoud had also written that the more suggestive passages of Mark (i.e. Mk 4:11-12) pointing to a Messianic Secret - were used against the Marcion's “He who has ears, hearken!”.

And in addition, we know from Adamantios that for Marcion there was just the exact contrary of a 'Messianic Secret', insofar all, even the Demiurge himself, recognized the presence of the Alien (and the his real identity) before his death.

“The Creator, seeing that the Good God was destroying his law, made a plot against him, not knowing that the death of the Good One would be the salvation of men”

(Adamantios, ii. 9).

Hence is the fact that Barabbas is so perfectly known also a parody, by contrast, of the extreme notoriety of the Son of Father preached by Marcion?

I think that the answer is yes.

This means that also the Ascension of Isaiah was the judaization of an equivalent version where:

1) the Father is not YHWH, the creator

2) Jesus is not killed on the earth but in the air.

3) the demiurge knew who he was killing: the Son of Father.

I am inferring the point 1 from the point 3.

But from both the poins 1 and 3, how can I infer the point 2 ?

About that point, I should inquiry more.
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