A good argument to move Mark after Marcion

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A good argument to move Mark after Marcion

Post by Giuseppe » Tue Nov 27, 2018 4:50 am

I have found one. Why is Mark an adoptionist Gospel?

The man Jesus suffers, the divine Christ doesn't suffer, and adopts Jesus after the his death, since Jesus Nazarene is the risen.

The adoptionism founds the his raison d'être in the fact that a higher god adopts a lower god. There is not more opposition between the higher god and the lower god. The conflict is conceded in a first time (=separationism for all the time Jesus suffers and the Christ doesn't suffer), but it is overcame (Christ adopts Jesus) definitely at least after the resurrection, so fulfilling fully the meaning of the baptism ('you are my beloved Son, today I have begotten you').

This means that the Gospel of Mark assumes, by theology itself, a previous Gospel (written or oral it doesn't matter, here), where not only there was a strong, dramatic opposition between a higher god and a lower god, but also these two gods were irreducible rivals.

Sic stantibus rebus, there is only a best candidate for a similar previous gospel with an irreducible opposition between two deities: the Gospel of Marcion.

In it there is the higher god distinct from the creator god (called 'demiurge') and in irreducible opposition to it.

So Mark reflects an intermediate phase between an original Gospel where the Higher God is an irreducible enemy of the Demiurge and the later Gospels (Matthew, Luke, etc) where the Higher God is totally assimilated in the Creator God, at the final triumph of the Monotheism.
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