Was the Long Ending of Mark Original? Debate At Richard Carrier Blogs

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Was the Long Ending of Mark Original? Debate At Richard Carrier Blogs

Post by JoeWallack » Sat Dec 15, 2018 7:34 pm

Was the Long Ending of Mark Original? A Serial Debate with Jonathan Sheffield
Beginning today and for the next six weeks I will be engaging a formal debate here on my blog with Anglican autodidact Jonathan Sheffield over whether the long ending of Mark (verses 16:9-20), almost universally agreed to be a later interpolation not written by the author of Mark, was in fact in the original draft of Mark and not an interpolation after all. On that theory, the removal of that ending in early manuscripts was the corruption, not its later addition.
At Dr. Carrier's blog he is having a debate with Jonathan Sheffield regarding the likely original ending of GMark. Sheffield looks relatively naive on the subject so it's quite a mismatch and Dr. Carrier is debating him because Sheffield has paid him to do so. It's likely than that the debate will provide more entertainment than intellectual value but it looks like Dr. Carrier has strengthened his argument against the LE by including the qualified witness of the earliest manuscripts for LE, as has already been pointed out here.


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