Where can I acquire Bulletin du Cercle Ernest Renan n° 35 ?

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Where can I acquire Bulletin du Cercle Ernest Renan n° 35 ?

Post by Giuseppe » Mon Mar 25, 2019 7:01 am

As possibly some of the Readers know, recently Roger Parvus has adopted the view that was of Alfred Loisy and, before him, of Turmel, about three layers of the pauline epistles:

1) the first layer: the original words of Paul the Apostle.

2) the second layer: the interpolations of a Gnostic author (so Loisy) of which the identity, for Turmel, would be the same Marcion.

3) the third layer: the Catholic interpolations/corrections against the second layer.

I see a curious trend: Mythicists of the kind like Doherty/Carrier, of which an example of the past could well be Couchoud, rejected the view of Loisy/Turmel about the matter, insofar this makes of Paul a more "rational" person (as opposed to a mystical/hallucinated person) and accordingly a follower, as the Pillars, of a possibly historical Jesus. Even today, I see that R.G.Price (Mythicist of the kind Carrier/Doherty) disagrees with Roger Parvus about the Loisy's view, fearing probably that a Paul interpolated by a Gnostic author about the his "mystical" parts (to be clear: 1 Cor 2:6-8 and Philippians 2:6-11, in primis) may reduce the utility of the genuine Paul against the possibility of a historical Jesus.

But there is an exception. Prosper Alfaric was a mythicist of the kind Carrier/Doherty but, differently from Couchoud, he accepted the view of Loisy about the interpolations in Paul, preserving the his mythicist views.

I realize that Alfaric wrote the his reasons to remain mythicist (even under the recognition of an interpolated Paul) in the following review of the Loisy's view:

Les Epîtres de Paul, in Bulletin du Cercle Ernest Renan n° 35, april 1956.

My question for the reader: may someone give me the reference to where I can acquire this review? Very thanks for this.
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Charles Wilson
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Re: Where can I acquire Bulletin du Cercle Ernest Renan n° 35 ?

Post by Charles Wilson » Mon Mar 25, 2019 8:37 am

Giuseppe --

A very quick look finds:

https://www.worldcat.org/title/cahiers- ... lc/3008297
Notice that there is a digitized version that might be available.

Best of luck in your search.


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