How John Wrote the Book of Revelation Chapter 1

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Re: How John Wrote the Book of Revelation Chapter 1

Post by rakovsky » Fri Jun 28, 2019 12:09 pm

K. Lewis,
Since you have studied Revelation, I want to ask if you think the Book sets the End Time events, particularly Armaggedon as happening at a specific year. It describes armies on horses, so this implies some time when nations were still using horse cavalry, eg. before WWii. To give an analogy, I think that Paul's expectation in Thessalonians is that the saints' Resurrection will still happen in his lifetime.

I understand that there are workarounds for what I have just said. Ie. The cavalry could be metaphorical, or Paul was not speaking directly and dogmatically in Thessalonians.

My research on the prophecies of the Messiah's resurrection:

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