*mythicist* cosmic crucifixion in Pistis Sophia, too

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*mythicist* cosmic crucifixion in Pistis Sophia, too

Post by Giuseppe » Thu Jul 11, 2019 11:50 pm

And the Fate and the sphere over which they [the archons] rule, I have changed and brought it to pass that they spend six months turned to the left and accomplish their influences, and that six months they face to the right and accomplish their influences. For by command of the First Commandment and by command of the First Mystery Yew, the Overseer of the Light, had set them facing the left at every time and accomplishing their influences and their deeds.

(Pistis Sophia 15)

Jesus was acting on the axis of the world; he held the rudder, a kind of giant who set the world in motion.

Something as the following image (it is the best image I have found to give the idea):


Hence, just by being crucified on that cosmic cross, extended on the entire universe («the sphere») ruled by the archons, Jesus was able to snatch the control of that same universe from the hands of the archons who ruled it until then.
Nihil enim in speciem fallacius est quam prava religio. -Liv. xxxix. 16.

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