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The stilling of the storm, a coded account of the Roman cavalry attack on Tarichaeae

Posted: Sat Jul 27, 2019 10:19 am
by FJVermeiren
Recently I announced the blog article The Tarichaean episode of the war against the Romans in Mark 3:7-12 and Matthew 8:18 on this forum. At that moment I thought that these two fragments were the only ones to tell the story of the Tarichaean episode of the war, but after rereading Mark chapter 4 I have changed my opinion.
The pericope of the stilling of the storm also recounts two events of the same period of the war in 67 CE. The first event is the retreat of Jesus and his men to their boats on the lake after a skirmish at the Roman camp under construction. The second is the surprise cavalry attack of Titus and an elite unit of Roman cavalry followed by the flight of Jesus and his revolutionary following to Jerusalem. ... tarichaeae