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The Aztech euhemerization of Quetzalcoatl parallels the Jesus's euhemerization

Posted: Tue Aug 13, 2019 6:49 am
by Giuseppe
I have found a new reason to like the R.G.Price's case about why "Mark" (author) euhemerized Jesus.

Remember shortly what is the RG Price: "Mark" (author) explained why the Jews were defeated by the Romans. The his explanation was that the Jews killed Jesus the son of YHWH and so YHWH punished the Jews. Hence a Jewish archangel Jesus gained a life on the earth. He was euhemerized.

Now, I have found a very good parallel to this euhemereziation of Jesus. Please read before the following article: ... -for-gods/

There are the same items of a very similar pattern:
  • A people that is defeated by another people.
  • The need of an explanation of the unexpected defeat.
  • A god who becomes portrayed as a man.
  • The deification of someone resembling that god.
  • The use, later, of the same myth to justify other things.
Enjoy to identify by yourself these items particularly in the following passage:

It seems the god-myth originated with the Mexica decades after the conquest, trying to make sense of the disaster which had befallen them
. The Florentine Codex, written in the 1550s, is a native account of the Spanish conquest and the earliest extant example of the deification of the Spanish. The sources for this account of the conquest were likely aging former warriors who had battled the Spanish. It was, of course, the warrior class which had been responsible for Mexica ascendancy and later for its demise when the Spanish could not be defeated. Of course, if the portends and symbols all had pointed to the Spanish being returning gods, the reason for Mexica leaders’ indecision is clear. It was mistaken identity and religious devotion which crippled the Mexica response to invasion. Certainly, it wasn’t the ignorance of foreign threats, oppressive rule which alienated subjects, or Spanish weaponry which undid the Mexica empire.

The Spanish played their part later on in the myth-making. As much as they may have wanted to celebrate their military prowess, the Spanish used the god-myth to confer a quasi-divine right to rule upon themselves.

Re: The Aztech euhemerization of Quetzalcoatl parallels the Jesus's euhemerization

Posted: Tue Aug 13, 2019 6:55 am
by Giuseppe
After the Cortes's conquest, The god Quetzalcoatl was euhemerized as a white bearded man by the Mexica to have Cortes "to fulfill" the return of Quetzalcoatl.

After the Romans's conquest, The god Jesus was euhemerized as a preacher by Mark to have the Romans "to fulfill" the punition of the Jews as killers of Jesus.