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Transition and Transmission.

Here are the central Christian tenets shown with the predicates in Christian holy books as represented by the motifs transition and transmission.


Christian scriptures predicate that we live amid a state of transition of the soul, from spiritual to material to spiritual.
Transition of the soul is recorded with Man passing from the spiritual realm of Paradise of Adam and Eve and by them the fall of Man into the material cosmos where we live in a realm of flux, wherewith in its consummation we according to our works will either inherit an eternal incorruptible heaven or be separated into the eternal infernal Hades¹.
¹Secrets of Enoch: ‹all creation visible and invisible›, ‹invisible and visible nature of man›, ‹creatures visible and invisible›; Gospel of Nicodemus: ‹Paradise, a place of spiritual and holy life›. Revelation of Saint Paul: ‹Paradise in which Adam and his wife erred›, ‹Lord God Almighty: "But if they do not return to me I will Judge them."›

To redeem Man from their fearful fate a Redeemer (Jesus Christ) was sent for Man through a transition of God the Son from on high down through the heavens to his manifestation in this material world¹. From his death on the cross in A.D. 33 he vanquished the rulers of the infernal realm, freed the captured souls and with them transcended to the third heaven².
¹The Epistle of the Apostles. ²Gospel of Nicodemus.


Christian scriptures record that Jesus Christ abrogated the multiple temporary sacrifices of atonement to God and instituted the Eucharist for which by the sole everlasting sacrifice of the Son of God on the cross, Man may receive imperishability¹. Without an atoning for their sins by God's mercy, the ethereal rulers ordain that Man is taken to the infernal Hades².
¹Acts of Peter, Gospel of Philip, General Epistle of Barnabas. ²Apocalypse of James.

Christology and Destination

Christianity circumscribes that Yeshua is the Messiah, the Word of God¹. Christianity is confused with its Messiahship. In that circumstance the transmission of life through the Eucharist is assured for Christianity, of whose souls pass over Hades, in the transition from the material world to the spiritual heavens of Man².
¹Gospel of John. ²Apocalypse of James.
Truth perdures.

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