The Twin Censured by Rome!

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The Twin Censured by Rome!

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The Twin Censured by Rome!
Around circa 4 BCE in a place called Bethlehem if we are to believe the Christian scripture, a boy child was born early on the morning on the 25th of December (the day Pagans celebrate the birthday of their god, Sol Invictus), two minutes later a second boy child was born to a young maiden no more than 14-year of age, her name was Miriam. She was betrothed to an 80 + year-old carpenter named, Joseph. Some Christian sources say Joseph was the father, other Christian sources believe that the twins were fathered by their God. However, Jewish sources say that the father was a Roman soldier, by the name of Panthera (Panther).
Miriam named her firstborn Yahushua and the second son she named Jude or Judas Thomas. Thomas is the Semitic word for Twin, Didymous also means twin in Greek. The gospel of John 20:24 refers to Thomas as ho legomenos (also known as) didymos "called the twin;" cf. Syriac toma "twin," Arabic tau'am "twin."

Thomas’ mission to India in the mid-40s of the 1st century was done in the company of others, with some scholars stating he travelled with Thaddeus and others saying, Bartholomew. However, it was more than a decade before the false apostle Paul started his missionary work with his brand of Pauline Christianity.
Thomas' journey took him to Persia, Parthia and other places before arriving in northern Indian in 49 CE. Were a source says he was taken into slavery by a king and was only freed when the king was killed in battle? Allowing Thomas to continue his missionary journey south. Building Churches, later it is said that he was run through with a spear, whilst praying in a cave on what is now Mount Thomas, in Mylapore, a suburb of Madras.
Not only that the Mar Thoma Syrian Church in South India has a long tradition of being the See of Thomas (founded in Kerala, India 52 CE), an Eastern Oriental Orthodox Church claiming its antiquity before that of Alexandria the See of Mark 60 CE, and certainly before Rome, etc.
The scholar Manning wrote: ...When the fanatical Roman Catholic Portuguese colonizers arrived in India in the early 16th century, they destroyed all of the Mar Thoma Church records to eliminate what they considered to be a heretical brand of Christianity. In doing so, they destroyed irreplaceable information about the spread of the gospel in the Far East….T. Deering Manning (1996), Eye Witnesses of His Majesty, pp. 201/2, Xulon press U.S.A.

Although the present-day Roman papacy denies any wrongdoing on their part on the Mar Thoma affair. Claiming it was the work of the overzealous Archbishop Aleixo de Jesu de Menezes (1559–1617) of the Portuguese Church who acted alone on the destruction of Mar Thoma manuscripts. Yet it was Rome that sent the Portuguese Church to India under the Padroado (patronage) which was an arrangement by the Holy See and the Kingdom of Portugal. It was affirmed by a series of concordats, by which the Vatican delegated to the kings of Portugal the administration of the local Churches.
The event of the Oath of Leaning Cross (Koonan Kurushu Sathyam) was a historic pledge delivered by the Malankara Orthodox Nazaranis (present-day Oriental Orthodox Christians – the Malankara Orthodox Church and the Syriac Orthodox Church in India) against the Portuguese and the Roman Catholic Papal imperialism and tyranny.

“By the Father, Son and Holy Ghost that henceforth we would not adhere to the Franks, nor accept the faith of the Pope of Rome, nor any foreign rule.” – From the Event of Leaning Cross Oath of 1653.

Aleixo de Menezes, under the authority of the Goa Inquisition and the Council of Trent, continued the Latinisation of the St. Thomas Christians started by the Portuguese in the early 16th century. The result of his Synod of Diamper was unfortunate. The Catholic Encyclopedia (1913) says: The only case in which an ancient Eastern rite has been wilfully Romanised is that of the Malabar Christians [aka Mar Thoma Christians aka the Malankara], where it was not Roman authority but the misguided zeal of Alexius de Menezes, Archbishop of Goa, and his Portuguese advisers at the Synod of Diamper (1599) which spoiled the old Malabar Rite. The emphasis [ ] are mine.

The Goa Inquisition was a colonial-era Portuguese institution established by the Roman Catholic Holy Office aka the Office of the Inquisition between the 16th-and-19th-century was to stop and punish heresy against Christianity in Asia. The institution persecuted Hindus, Muslims, Bene Israels, New Christians and the Judaizing Nasranis by the colonial era Portuguese government and Jesuit clergy in Portuguese India. (The Roman Church is so hasty to blame others for their infractions when all can see that the evidence points straight to them!)
What the Catholic Church was doing was poaching/stealing the adherents from Eastern rites church and Romanising them as converts to Catholicism.

In the desert area outside of the city of Nag Hammadi in Upper Egypt in 1945, a library of Thomas’ works was rediscovered after many centuries of being hidden from the biblical and outside world. One such manuscript discovered was that of the Gospel of Thomas the twin brother of Yeshua/Jesus.

Didymous Judas Thomas (Twin Judas Twin) has been known throughout Christian history, but not much is said about him from the pulpit, ardent followers have to read the scripture or the works of past and present scholars to glean information. Is this a snub by the Christian Church hierarchy or is Thomas an embarrassment, if one of the twins is divine, then surely the other is too! Would it also confuse and put a question mark against the Christians or the Apostles’ Creed:
I believe in God, the Father almighty(?),
creator of heaven and earth(?).
I believe in Jesus Christ, his only Son(?), our Lord(?),
who was conceived by the Holy Spirit(?)
and born of the virgin(?) Mary.
He suffered under Pontius Pilate,
was crucified(?), died, and was buried;
he descended to hell(?).
The third day he rose again from the dead(?).
He ascended to heaven
and is seated at the right hand of God the Father almighty(?).
From there he will come to judge the living and the dead(?).
I believe in the Holy Spirit(?),
the holy catholic(?) church,
the communion of saints(?),
the forgiveness of sins(?),
the resurrection of the body(?),
and the life everlasting(?). Amen.

There is a historic pattern of destruction by the Church of Rome on other Christian Church (Gnostic and pre 380 CE Churches—to the Celtic; Waldensians; Cathars; Mar Thoma, etc.), with no other reason than to discredit their founding or apostleship and even dispute the claim of the Roman Catholic Church as the One True Church. With destruction even crossed borders as it were to the Jewish faith, where Catholic censorship took place over the Jewish scriptures. Again for no other reason than to destroy the true name of Yahshua/Jesus ben Panthera from any Jewish text, even today we see many Talmud tomes, which had been disfigured by countless erasement of whole sentences, Paragraphs or pages being inked out to censor the written text worthless to the reader. Fortunately for posterity, some Jewish scripture outside the reach of the Catholic Church survived and we can see what was destroyed or erased. Today we know what the Catholic Church did not want the outside world to see and know of Jesus and Miriam/Mary. All the death and destruction for nothing unless it was done in the name of God as the Church will have us know.
NB. Before the advent of the Universal/Catholic Church becoming the sole religion of the Roman empire on 27th February 380 CE. There was according to Presbyter Albius Theodoret (circa 255), that there were "more than two hundred" variant gospels in use in his time. One of these was the gospel of Thomas, it was highly revered and had been the favourite of most devotees from early Christianity. However, after 380 CE all gospels other than the four canonical gospels we know as Matthew, Mark, Luke (the Synoptic gospels = common/close similarities) and John were outlawed, destroyed, burned, or hidden by devoted followers, who were either killed by the new Catholic religion for not converting to Catholicism or died leaving the hidden gospel for posterity to find.

What do you say?
Keep Safe!


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