How a Roman Coin entered in the Passion Story of Mark

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How a Roman Coin entered in the Passion Story of Mark

Post by Giuseppe » Thu Dec 31, 2020 11:36 pm


replace the Roman palm of victory above with Jesus hanging on a Roman cross, and you have easily explained the women seeing "from far" the Gospel Jesus crucified by the Romans.

"from far" is obviously a chronological allusion: the women were observing the destruction of Israel in 70 CE.

Note also as the Roman Coin above and the Book of Revelation share a curious feature: Israel is the Woman persecuted by Romans.

Stantibus rebus, now it is clear definitely to me that the Earliest Gospel was a reaction
  • 1) against the destruction of the Temple
  • 2) against identification of Israel with the Celestial Woman of Revelation: Jesus himself is the personification of Israel, not, or not more, the Woman.
A lot of modern and past Mythicists have already recognized the point 1.

But only a past Mythicist realized also the point 2.

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