Hoe much is it a coincidence... that a Longinus appeared in The Jewish War?

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Hoe much is it a coincidence... that a Longinus appeared in The Jewish War?

Post by Giuseppe » Sat Jan 23, 2021 12:38 pm

and he was scourged, and received sentence from Pilate, and was crucified upon the Cranium, and two robbers with him; and they gave him to drink vinegar with gall, and Longinus the soldier pierced his side with a spear; and Joseph our honourable father begged his body, and, as he says, he is risen

http://www.earlychristianwritings.com/t ... berts.html

Longinus, one of the equestrian order, leaped out of the army of the Romans, and leaped into the very midst of the army of the Jews. And as they dispersed themselves upon this attack, he slew two of their men of the greatest courage. One of them he struck in his mouth, as he was coming to meet him; the other was slain by him by that very dart which he drew out of the body of the other; with which he ran this man through his side, as he was running away from him. And when he had done this, he first of all ran out of the midst of his enemies to his own side. So this man signalized himself for his valour; and many there were who were ambitious of gaining the like reputation. And now the Jews were unconcerned at what they suffered themselves from the Romans; and were only sollicitous about what mischief they could do them


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