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A Soul-less Paradigm

Posted: Sat Oct 31, 2015 7:26 am
by Robert Baird
A Soul-less Paradigm

Up until the start of the 20th Century there was a strong cadre of scientists like Michael Faraday and Sir William Crookes who knew integrating the humanities with hard sciences provided the greater insight or wisdom.

The quantum physicists have taken it further in many ways but they were ridiculed by the 'know-nothing scientists' (Kaku) who had only a targeted or single disciplinary approach to knowledge. The quantum physicists were called 'atom-mysticists', and though that is a positive thing to say today (IMHO) it was quite the opposite in Einstein's era.

We can demonstrate the paradigm has been academically controlled through the efforts of people who want to keep the soulful knowledge to themselves in many ways. The Palmer Raids brought tyrants like J. Edgar Hoover into the mix. Anything that questions the foundation of nations and its extension of Divine Right of Kings (now corporations with immortal status - see Chomsky) will not only not get funding it will be aggressively countered and lied about.

Professor Morowitz of Yale (see Rediscovering the Mind) began a call for appreciation of the ancients and John Wheeler backs Lynds but by and large I find I am attacked and persecuted for proposing alchemical wisdom and integration. The outright disingenuous nature of attacking new thought rather than questioning the presenter is not borne of mere ego. The hypnotic schooling along with paradigm peer pressure or Political Correctness has torn a hole in the collective soul.

“Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.” – Mayer Amschel Rothschild.

Bucky Fuller said these most important words in 1981:
‘The U.S.A. is not run by its would-be 'democratic' government. All the latter can do is try to adjust to the initiatives already taken by [the] great corporations. Nothing can be more pathetic than the role that has been played by the President of the United States, whose power is approximately zero. Nevertheless, the news media and most over-thirty-years-of-age U.S.A. citizens carry on as if the president had supreme power.’

“The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.” - Albert Einstein

Imagine a world where psychic ability was enhanced from an early age - which it was during many eras prior to Empires who sought malleable subjects. Imagine teaching adepthood technology outside the black ops government and secret societies.

The Iowa State courses mentioned here were attended by my wife after a lot of prodding by myself. Her report to me lead me to believe the Accelerative Learning technique left out a great deal of what Dr. Milan Ryzl included and which was reported by Psychic Discoveries author Ostrander. When Ryzl came to speak to psychologists at the Sacramento Inn about five years before my wife took the above noted course in the summer of 1978 I was involved with one of the attendees. Because I was able to describe in detail what she was hearing him say - she said I was controlling her mind. She had also been losing weight. She was a very psychic person who was a subject in controlled experiments for Dr. Richard Alpert and she was a member of Esalen.


Re: A Soul-less Paradigm

Posted: Sat Oct 31, 2015 4:10 pm
by Robert Baird

Thought forms or psychic intuition, biological ability to endure pain and a lot of other reasons make women more the cause of man's insecurities than he would like to admit.

This article will focus on the psychic nurturing side of women that the vernacular lingo calls 'women's intuition'. In the early first millennium B.C. when writing was made popular by the Phoenicians giving an alphabet to her Greek and other trading colonies there was already a vengeful nature to the relations between man and his 'sister'. Misogynists like Hesiod were the stars of the lyric stage. It would be interesting to speculate about the female superiority in personal combat as part of the reason for this now that archaeology has proven a great deal of the Amazon legend is real. Women don't faint like the weaker sex when they lose blood. Their lighter bodies and more body fat when fit, allowed for endurance of themselves and their horses that no average man could equal. Clearly if women were shorter among the Kelts who grew to seven feet tall, then the horses would appreciate a six foot tall rider. These things would have been paramount when tanks and airplanes weren't in use.

Could Hesiod have been recording the dangers of women based on years of Scythian domination? This would be counter to the compassionate qualities of women but it is possible they had to do this in order not to have done to them what was occurring in other parts of the Mediterranean. The Scythians can be shown as part of the Druidic pan-tribal council of six king-bairds in the pre-Christian era. In fact this Hyperborean, Thulean and Scythian legend is all about the same ancient League of Nations. The words all mean 'northerner'. But the Amazons made the men serve them in degrading ways and though some scholars think the Dryads are the originators of the Druidic or Bardic Tradition I believe it was not a matriarchy. So how did the Amazons act so bodacious in the midst of the Scythians?

It is purely speculative to go much further than saying the Scythians had used these shock troops of dedicated warriors; and the warriors had demanded more respect than other male tribal elders were willing to give them. How long they maintained their dominion is not known to me, but it seems reasonable to suggest that it was a thousand years or more while the rest of the Mediterranean was engaged in forcing women into a position of mere chattel and worse. The word bodacious is derived from the dying embers of this culture in the acts of Queen Boadicaea as she burned London during Roman times.

In many classical civilizations of the second millennium B.C. leading up to the Council of Carthage in 397 A.D., women were feared for their psychic power. The program of "women as the harbingers of the 'Original Sin'" was championed by St. Augustine or Augustine of Hippo; I get confused when they all honour each other by using the same name. Anyway he wrote his deviate designs in his own book 'Confessions' that the American Psychoanalytical Association had a field day with. The use of the word 'sinister' is instructive in our quest to understand the certain uncertainties that all true knowledge of the soul will obtain. It is quite likely the Amazons were ambidextrous in training; although there is proof many had to cut one breast off in order to shoot the bow and arrow most efficiently.

I think they were creative psychically endowed women who many feminists today (including liberationists like me) would love to see raised to the level of role-models. The Bacchanals or Dianistic cults also saw a certain female adaptation to the gender issues. One need look only at the position of women within any given culture to extrapolate its ability to co-exist with other cultures. The more narrowly defined a womans role is within a culture the more likely it is that culture will also try to discriminate against other eco-systems and the beings who populate it.

The Council of Carthage in 397 A.D. was the formalization of the diminishment of women to second class, in the Roman Church which was about to expand when the Empire was deemed unnecessary. These historic facts are yet to be fully fleshed out and may never hit the mainstream of society that is averse to sex, religion and politics or the discussion thereof. There were still strong opponents to the Romish plot against women and the soul of mankind long after the Council of Carthage. Celtic Christianity spread by the monastic orders such as Iona to far away islands named after their Irish homeland existed into the Eighth century. Antioch and Acre as well as heretical groups like Arianism continued to keep a separate attitude within Christianity until the present day. But the 6th Century is regarded as the period when Rome became ascendant. There were colonies established throughout the world by conscientious objectors or those who came under ever increasing Inquisitorial control or oppression.

One of them was Rhoda. This site saw top scholars do the excavations in 1929 and thereabouts. The tablets found do mention issues with mingling or marrying Toltecs. I think it was a Jewish community that tried to keep its religion pure through controls. The Toltecs are members of the Druidic Brotherhood. Could Rhoda have been a female in the heritage of the Phoenician founder of Carthage named Dido that top experts now can confirm did found Carthage in 814 B.C.? It is interesting that the Bogomils are associated with the remnants of the Cathars lead by the great female general Esclaramonde du Foix who I think we all could learn a lot more about.

I love to think about Hypatia of Alexandria and why she scared the intelligentsia of the Catholics in Alexandria around the time of the Council of Carthage too. But you will hear very little about these great women. Why was knowledge so fearful to this Church of MEN? Certainly the Balkans today shows few signs of the Bogomil internationalism of the time of Esclaramonde; but after seven centuries of oppression it is no small wonder that knowledge is lost in places like Ireland and the Ukraine or Thracia.

The Hemispheres of the Brain - Learning from 'Within' Neurophysiology has contributed the left-right brain modality that was always understood by 'dualistic' observers such as the Taoist 'Yin and Yang'. Tantrism is just one of the many sutras or disciplines that will teach the things women and men can soulfully acquire. The greatest adept I met was a developer of a mountain climbing sutra. You would not believe the things she taught me do exist. People on the street have the impression that all things other than Christianity are some kind of weird cult just because certain deviates like Crowley have abused them or their country of origin is in turmoil. There is a need to understand each other in these countries to be sure.

What can be more deviate than what the Catholics have admitted to when the Pope asked for "forgiveness and renewal" in the bi-millennium period of his great faith. A great deal more than just the Cathar genocide has yet to be admitted. I have developed a good case for the Catholic use of the Plague as a bio-weapon against Europeans and Indians. I even have found a quote from Churchill that confirms this; which we will see in other articles or chapters. Sainted Catholic Bishops and pompous asses like Clement had a role in seeing Hypatia torn limb from body, by an angry mob just as the Catholic (and their partners the Anglicans) were blamed for the genocide in Rwanda by a recent International Commission. Those who are 'true believers' in this ghastly cult will see karma has truth beyond mere personal acts such as suckling at the spigot of the table washings left by greedy power-mongers.

There is no proof man is innately created as such a negative animal. No other beast is so highly organized in its crime. Yet they are often found to not even have to pay taxes! I agree with those who say they'll believe the Churchians when they have a day care center in the Vatican and a woman Pope. Neurophysiology has contributed the left-right brain reality of our physical make up. It also includes a separation of the hemispheres that differs between men and women. Some 80% of women have a larger separation above the Corpus Collosum and all important Pineal Gland or Third Eye. These are the women most innately attuned to the spiritual reality now being explored (as in the Chaos Science of 13,000 years ago) by the Quantum Many Worlds Interpretation of Physics. Of course there are some men in the same kind of 20% proportion who get to be so 'sinister' or nurturing and what some regard as passive even though it requires more courage to be giving.

The books dealing with these practical and real opportunities are varied. Martin Mull is an actor/comedian and creative genius that such a profession requires. His book is simple and straightforward with drawing exercises. The Wonder Child by Peter Lorie and other scientists of the mind is a rediscovery of beauty once fostered in the ancient extended family. Joy can come by learning from the baby rather than trying to make it in your own imprinted image. There is more wisdom in the freedom of 'following your Bliss' than most linear logically oriented education imagines. Over 350,000 neural connections can be utilized but about half that many become atrophied as we 'learn' to reject the spiritual reality. There are at least six very different learning styles and geometric combinations thereof. The linear logical approach that has been emphasized since macho man took control or some of the needs associated with industrial age sweat shops including time clocks are less mutable to the soul and its purpose, collective and otherwise.

Many social 'needs' are not healthy for the whole person addressed in the Mayan saying "Do not put yourself in front of yourself". The creative spatial insights afford greater productive applications of the soul and 'women's intuition'. Jungian archetypes or akashic records contained in what the Director of the Human Genome Project calls our "history book" will provide exciting continuing confirmation of ancient knowledge. It can lead to an illumination called Divine Inspiration or direct cognition. Dyslexics like Einstein or Spielberg are good examples of the potential we all can work to develop.

The Bardic Institute has a homepage of the educationally emancipating World Wide Web that includes a quote from Einstein that deals with these potentials.

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."

The Catholic Encyclopedia would have its readers believe Yoga is translated as 'yoke'. That is a joke they must have some fun fomenting. It means 'union' and focuses on the soul! Through the 'union' or personal knowledge of how thought energy passes between the hemispheres of the brain man becomes wholistically more able to cope and 'cognize' what V. Hugo called 'the waves of the marvelous'.

The above article of mine was carried at the above link for over a decade - it is no longer accessible there.

Re: A Soul-less Paradigm

Posted: Sun Nov 01, 2015 2:49 pm
by Robert Baird
The Ainu

Near Ulan Bator we have people who are a mix between Asian and Europod. They colonized Jomon Japan and had a great influence in Ecuador and Peru. The Jomon pottery of Ecuador is actually ceramic and not developed in local industry according to more recent proofs than lied about by the Canadian Museum of Civilization which I hear is changing it's name again; just as it did when it was engulfed in deceit and destruction of Manitoulin Island's over 100,000 year old quartz mines. Ceramics were created in Dolni Vestonici around 30,000 years ago. The archaeologists don't seem to know how mammoth tusks were straightened that long ago - I see the Ainu travelling there at that time and before there even existed a white man. Churchward has Ulan Bator going back 200,000 years as an origin of civilization. Wikipedia says the Ainu say it is 100,000 years there. Whatever the case we have Yonaguni with rock structures and Titicaca as well, these people were nearby or are the actual builders. I am beginning to think they are the origin of the DNN (De or 'of' Ainu), and thus the Red-Headed League of Megalith Builders. The Scythians are also connected with the DNN and Amazons.

This link has another recent hominid discovery and scientists who seem to continue trying to maintain the old theories despite all the recent facts. They do admit they might be wrong and that is refreshing. Do read what Wikipedia says about the Ainu before you read the above link. And this from a little earlier than Denisovan and a new Iberian find - who knows how many and when it started. More DNA facts.

Yonaguni and the Bimini road are among many recent proofs discussed in this link.

Perhaps it is worth noting that the Maya women have the same spot as Asian women do until they reach the age of 21 or so. It is located on the base of the back. We need to find out if the Ainu have this spot too, they are almost extinct in Japan now - no co-incidence say I.

In this excerpt from Childress we have him falling prey to pole shifts (other than the proven magnetic shifts which do not involve actual earth crustal movement) like Sitchin. Perhaps he is only keeping an open mind. Churchward was horrific at geology but his work with Niven mentioned herein is worth serious consideration, A fake account derailed what proofs he found and artifacts galore lie in wasteful ruin.

There are many links and vids on this site which discuss the Ainu and their possible relationship with the Maya.;f=8;t=005897

The Ainu in Japan figure in this account on the Dragon Court by Childress. Notice the dates and the recent archaeology that proves 500,000 + year old art in Indonesia - David is a lot like I am and he must be so happy to have a far more ancient date to fit his theories or prophecies. Imagine 500,000 years more of culture in this region than he thought just 16 years ago.

And for those who value DNA (which is constantly proving my history) we have this.

In the following link I see unidentified origins in DNA for the whole of Asia. I know Thorne pushed back Nanking Man's origins to 750,000 years ago and I can see a time when cataclysms forced survivors into the mountains of Tibet. It shows this throughout China. What happened to the thoroughly modern Mungo Man and where did they originate - are they the missing DNA in this link? I don't think they are but it is possible. I expect DNA of Denisovan to show up in more of these DNA charts alongside their Ainu neighbors.

The Scythians and Amazons are part of the Brotherhood that originates with the DNN or D'Ainu.

How many have heard about brushite and Murrhine vases? There have always been people who had more knowledge and knew it empowered them.