The Lord's Prayer

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The Lord's Prayer

Post by Robert Baird » Sat Oct 31, 2015 8:11 am

From another site where a person challenged me about the Diaspora and Exodus.

Dear Dr. Lee

If you never challenge or question authority and go about in respect for the lies of religion you are indeed fouling the truth. I have many sources but the tablets prove best what is true in reference to this matter. And yes, it does take the courage to forfeit one's life if one is to really learn a discipline in full as the House of David knew and still does despite all the lies put in their mouths. Here is a little for you to grasp if you get rid of whatever rose coloured glasses you seem to need.

Have you heard of the Sarmoung or Sarman Brotherhood? They were an important group of esoteric philosophers or Magi whose home in later day Persia started around 2600 BC. What is their legacy and heritage? Gurdjieff spoke of being a 'speaker' of the ancient 'verbal tradition' and I think he draws his inspiration from such alchemists as Mani (the leader of a post Christian effort to fuse Christianity and Zoroastrian ideologies). Augustine was a Manichean before his 'conversion' or should I say 'quisling sell-out'. What was their roots? Did they influence the remnants of Sumeria or were they the remnants of it? There were many outposts and brigands or leaders who followed their own ideas on the Silk Route. Some of these were considered pure legend but space photos and archaeology have proven the legends right again. I think the legends have a great deal more credibility than the Bible or other religious 'narratives'.

We have so many proofs from all scientific disciplines which can instruct our gaze into the origins of these magi. Mircae Eliade is the pre-eminent religious scholar of the 20th Century and he takes their origins way back to when man first went forth with calabash in hand to gather herbs and metals or supplements from earth such as lithium, sulphur and salt. I agree it is at least that long ago. I say it was known in the Qabala or 'Verbal Tradition' of the poets and musicians or minstrels such as you see in David who wrote the Lord's Prayer as did his descendant Solomon write other Psalms worshipped and admired by Masons and other cultists.

That Lord's Prayer as performed by Gregory Peck in the movie David and Bathsheba is something more than just a prayer. It is a decree incorporating the Law of the Magi known as Right Thought = Right Action. But when we were forced to ritually chant it in school as I grew up I dare say no teacher in Toronto could describe what that means. If you watch that movie pay close attention to some other things including how his high priest had a different god and his youthful god returned to save him from the wrath of G-d which came to others who touched the Ark of the Covenant. They died but his decree brought rain and other blessings.

Those who practise the discipline of Majik, or actually study the Bible and apocrypha will see a 'brother' in David. I include the Dag Hammadi scrolls or all ancient books destroyed by Empire including the 42 texts attributed to Hermes Trismegistus in the Septuagint or Dag Hammadi scrolls which I believe were compiled over many centuries. In every generation a child was annointed to play the harp or lyre (different instruments over tens of millennia) and keep the poems of the Bairds (Bards or BRDs) called the Verbal Tradition.

Play close attention to Bathsheba the Benjaminite and her husband Uriah the Hittite. Know the Tribes married close friends and allies and the Hittite of this era are archaeologically proven to have beaten Ramses who had writings say otherwise. The Hittites or Chatti and Hatti include later Lydia and rich people who became Etrurians and the Stuart Royals according to their historians who trace them to 25,000 years ago in the region the Sahara now resides. The Sybarites who had the largest fleet and Navy fought alongside the Etrurians at the Battle of Alalia in 525 BCE. I have a far more detailed history than those Stuart historians and I do not have any missing people disappearing or not known from whence they came. Academics quibble and refuse to study the elite families, and don't follow the money from Croessus or Midas to both of these city states which became part of the Empire of Rome.

It was only a couple of decades ago that Sybaris was found where Herodotus had said it was. Just north of Bruttium (Brutti being most important founders of Empires - Rome and Britain). It was Croton or Kroton in other languages and is where Pythagoras took his Therapeutae to live. They include the family of Jesus or Merovingians like David and Solomon or those who brought the people of the family of Goliath to Gath in their voyaging to South America. Ophir is mentioned as having a role in the building of the Temple of David in the Bible and the monk Montanus drew maps of many mines he had in the Americas. The Essenes are learned in the arts of the Therapeutae.

Every Bible story has morality plays (As does every Grail Troubadour or Bardic tale) and codes for learned people to draw from. The Ark was a capacitor and conductor of energy able to house enough energy to be useful as a transmitter - and arc-transmitter to make maps with. The Logos is a key to the Lost Chord which brought down the walls of Jericho mentioned in this movie. Those walls came down the same year the walls of Miletus (ML of ML-Chhi-zadok) came down at the, or near the end of the Trojan War; which took place in 19 separate theatres of operation including the Americas.

It is entirely possible that I am more of a 'speaker' than Gurdjieff was. My family name attests to it, but it took most of my life to learn how true that is. ... d-s-Prayer

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