Theophoric Dysphemisms and Yahweh-Ba’al-Molech

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Theophoric Dysphemisms and Yahweh-Ba’al-Molech

Post by jferris » Thu Oct 19, 2017 9:12 pm

I was considering the intentional dysphemic redaction of the name Ishba’al to Ishbosheth, and its corollary – the insertion of an “o” into mlk, changing Melech to Molech (or Moloch); this latter seems like a clever word-play, based on a familiarity with and understanding of the first. I’m sure the scribe who came up with it was very pleased with himself.

Anyway, this idea of attaching shame to a name struck me as odd; somehow personal and self-denigrating – as though a previous transgression were being consciously owned.

Do you think that is precisely because an earlier Yahweh was explicitly identified with Melech and Ba’al (Hadad or Shamin or any other, take your pick) that the particular notion of shame was attached to the names?

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