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Scholem Essay:The Messianic Idea In Kabbalism

Both prophets and Aggadists conceived of redemption as a new state of the world wholly unrelated to anything that had gone before, not the product of a purifying development of the preceding state. Hence for them the world unredeemed and the world in process of redemption were separated by an abyss. History was not a development toward any goal.

History would reach its terminus, and the new state that ensued would be the result of a totally new manifestation of the divine. In the Prophets this stage is called the "Day of the Lord," which is wholly unlike other days: it can only arrive after the old structure has been razed. Accordingly, upon the advent of the "Day of the Lord" all that man has built up in history will be destroyed.

The Messianic ideal, the ideal of redemption, receives a totally new aspect. This conception of redemption is no longer catastrophic; when duty has been fulfilled the son of David, the Messiah, will come of himself, for his appearance at the End of Days is only a symbol for the completion of a process, a testimony that the world has in fact been amended. Thus it becomes possible to avoid the "travails of the Messiah." The transition from the state of imperfection to the state of perfection (which may still be very difficult) will nevertheless take place without revolution and disaster and great affliction.

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Re: The Mishna, etc

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Ethan wrote:
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You can't reform a religion that a fixed scripture, if they don't like the religion, then they should leave, why is that so difficult for them.

Fixed scriptures--- but malleable.

"They are changing the guard in Buckingham Palace. aka They are changing the God in Solomon Temple

Buckingham Palace Lyrics
"They're changing guard at Buckingham Palace" ... -palace-73

Origins of the Kabbalah. Gershom Scholem

"The Symbolism of the Shekhinah and the Feminine: The Jewel

"the last sefirah exhibits an abundance of images that are related, directly or indirectly, to the feminine.

Similar images appear quite frequently in the Aggadah, above all in aggadic parables where, however, they are never related to God or to aspects of the Godhead conceived as feminine. The Aggadah knows nothing of such imagery, and one would look for it in vain in the literature of the Merkabah gnosis.

The application of such images to a middah of God conceived as feminine and their consequent entry into the world of gnostic symbolism was one of the most far-reaching developments in the formation of the Kabbalah"

The menstruating woman
"You do not understand Mark.
Mark 1:42 ,As soon as Jesus had spoken, the man was cleansed, This verse is a beautiful and powerful statement empowering human liberty and signalling the defeat of Judaism.

The man begging for help belongs to any period of time and to anywhere on earth where slavery is enforced by cruel servants of the occult. His complaint is vague because he may be complaining of a physical condition attracting the wrath of god for some obscure reason e.g. a menstruating woman . But he could be the victim or some spiritual shortcoming as defined by the writers of endless rules.

The man wants liberation from his tormentors who insist on 613 rules or perhaps insist on extra ecclesiam nulla salus or whatever.Mark says the man immediately became cleansed when he realizes that it was in his power to break the chains.

Jesus said to the man , God is in your heart."
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