YHWH LORD, Adonai Yahweh Lord GOD", etc

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YHWH LORD, Adonai Yahweh Lord GOD", etc

Post by MrMacSon » Tue Jan 09, 2018 5:04 pm

FWIW, this was posted on a reddit forum recently pertaining to a thread about Hebrew (and thus Judaism), but I think it is an interesting reflection about how different entities or versions of entities have been portrayed -

OP may also be referring to the distinction between LORD, Lord, and LORD in some Bible translations (.. the last three letters being in small caps), Usually the first translates YHWH, and the other two translate Adonai and Elohim.

Not quite. LORD (where the three last letters are in small caps) represents YHWH, just as LORD in all caps. Elohim is translated "God" or "gods". GOD in all caps or with "OD" in small caps represents YHWH whenever YHWH follows Adonai.

Yahweh = "(the) LORD"

Yahweh Elohim = "(the) LORD God"

Adonai Yahweh = "(the) Lord GOD" / "(the Lord GOD)"

Adonai = "(the) Lord"

Elohim = "God" or "gods".

El = "God"

Eloah = "God" or "god"

El Shaddai = "God Almighty"

El Elyon = "God Most High"

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