Zeus is the Jewish God.

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Re: Zeus is the Jewish God.

Post by Ethan » Fri Nov 13, 2020 9:24 am

It would appear that יהוה is homonymous for both Zeus and Paean, more so for Paean. יהוה pronounce Yahweh resembl es ΠΑΙΑΝ, here ι exchanges with ו and the terminal ה with ν alike in Solomon.

יהוה also resemblanes the Linear B form of Paean which is pa-ja-wo-ne, also a tetragrammaton.

Thus Yahweh simply means Healer or Physician as evident in Isaiah 38:20

The LORD was ready to save me: therefore we will sing my songs to the stringed instruments all the days of our life in the house of the LORD.

Isaiah 26:5 - Healer Zeus is the everlasting God.
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Re: Zeus is the Jewish God.

Post by Ethan » Sat Nov 14, 2020 12:38 pm

Phoenician names reference Zeus

Jediael ידיעאל - ἠίθεος θεόῦ 'God's Votary'
Joel יואל - Διός εἴρην 'Young man of Zeus, given by God as a gift of his parents
Abiel אביאל - ἔφηβος Ἥλίου 'a person, when 16 or 18 was dedicated to Helios
Ammiel עמיאל - εἴρην γαμέτου 'granted by the spouse or Baal'
Eliah אליה - εἴρην Διός
Eliel אליאל - θεόῦ εἴρην
Obadiah עבדיה - ὀπαδός Διός 'attendant of Zeus'
Adonijah אדניה - ἠίθεος Διός 'Votary of Zeus'
Ahimelech אחימלך - ἠίθεος Μολόχ 'young man dedicated to Moloch, or his gift'
Abimelech אבימלך - ἔφηβος Μολόχ 'a follower of gift of Moloch'
Abdiel עבדיאל - ὀπαδός θεόῦ
Delaiah דליה - δοῦλος Διός 'a servant of Zeus'
Elishama אלישמע - θεόῦ ἠίθεος
Zedekiah צדקיה - Ζεύς δίκη 'Zeus is truth
Ishmael ישמעאל - ἠίθεος θεόῦ
Mahalaleel מהללאל - ἄγαλμα θεῷ 'pleasing gift to God
Gabriel גבריאל - κοῦρος θεόῦ 'the bearer was God's gift to his parents, acolyte'
Abital אביטל) - ἔφηβος θεόῦ
Reuel רעואל - θύραυλος θεόῦ 'friend of God
Amariah אמריה - μεῖραξ Διός 'Young man of Zeus'
Eliphalet אליפלט - εἴρην Πλούτωνος - granted by Pluto, as the wealth bearer
Eliakim אליקים - θεόῦ ἠίθεος
Meribaal מריב - περί Ἥλίου - associate of Helios
Raphael רפאל - θέραψ θεόῦ 'servant of God or healed by'
Raphiah רפיה - θέραψ Διός 'servent of Zeus or healed by'
Michael מיכאל - μάντῖς θεοῦ 'seer of God
Micaiah מיכיהו - μάντῖς Διός 'seer of Zeus
Jezebel איזבל - ἠίθεος Ἥλιος
Joshua יהושע - Διός ἠίθεος
Ariel אריאל - εἴρην θεόῦ
Ahaziah אחזיה - ἠίθεος θεόῦ
Elkenah אלקנה - θεογενής, θεός ἐγέννησε 'god beget, engendered (the bearer of the name)

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Zeus is the Jewish God

Post by Ethan » Sat Nov 14, 2020 12:55 pm

Gen 41:45 Priest of Zeus כהן אן = διάκονος Ζανός
1 Sam 31:10 Τemple of Zeus בית שאן = οίκος Ζανός

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Re: Zeus is the Jewish God.

Post by Ethan » Sat Nov 14, 2020 1:01 pm

Beit She'an (οίκος Ζανός)
Zeus Akraios (Zeus of the Heights - the acropolis) was found at the foot of the tel, indicating that a temple to Zeus, overlooking the city, had once stood atop

This city was dedicated by name to Zeus and yet mentioned in the Book of Samuel proving the Book to be Hellenistic.

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Re: Zeus is the Jewish God.

Post by Ethan » Sat Nov 14, 2020 1:28 pm

Hdt. 1.131
As to the customs of the Persians, I know them to be these. It is not their custom to make and set up statues and temples and altars, but those who do such things they think foolish, because, I suppose, they have never believed the gods to be like men, as the Greeks do; [2] but they call the whole circuit of heaven Zeus, and to him they sacrifice on the highest peaks of the mountains;

This description aligns with Ezra-Nehemiah that deals with the Persian period.

Ezra 1:2
Thus saith Cyrus king of Persia, The LORD God of heaven

The description of Zeus in Herodotus suggests Zeus Akraios dedicated at Both She'an.

ἀκραῖος : dwelling on the heights

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Re: Zeus is the Jewish God.

Post by ConfusedEnoch » Tue Dec 15, 2020 5:26 am

lpetrich wrote:
Mon Nov 09, 2020 5:35 pm
What am I supposed to be ignorant of? I call it like I see it, and it's easy to show that Greek is much closer to English or Russian or Spanish or Hindi (for instance) than Hebrew. Count from one to ten, for instance.
The issue at hand isn't whether or not Greek and Hebrew are a distinct language family, but whether or not they are genetically related. How does proving that the Indo-European substrate exists discredit the idea that Semitic languages are genetically connected to IE?
You guys have been mocking and insulting Ethan since he first joined just because of his seemingly radical ideas on the authenticity of some Biblical verses and their translations, and his insistence on a relationship between Greek and Hebrew (and thus Semitic and Indo-European), but conveniently never mention the many books written by prominent linguists on that same potential relationship.

Indo-Semitic has never been thoroughly refuted, mostly because of the rise of theories like Proto-Indo-European and the Aryan migrations, and not to mention the lack of incentive to do so due to the racist undertones of the 20th century; but the theory does have some merit in that it manages to find a cornucopia of important equivalencies between IE and Semitic.

And to reply to your request for comparing numbers and pronouns, I don't think these things matter at all if the context of the theory is that Semitic and Indo-European systems shared words, phrases, religious concepts and ideologies, and not that they are one and the same.

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