Monkeys & Apes (1 Kings 10:22)

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Monkeys & Apes (1 Kings 10:22)

Post by Ethan » Mon Apr 16, 2018 9:27 pm

1 Kings 10:22
For the king had at sea a navy of Carthage with the navy of Hiram: once every three years came the navy of Carthage, bringing gold, and silver, ivory, and apes, and monkeys.

ותכיים "Monkey "

ו = V B ϝ P
יי = ω

The LXX version of 2 Ch 9:21 , ותכיים is πιθήκων (Pithakon) " Monkey"

*Pithakon > Ptkwn > Utkiim

קוֹף " Ape"
- from κῆβος (Kebos) "Ape"

קוֹף/κῆβος = Ape - κῆβος (Kebos) "Ape" ( without a tail)
ותכיים/ πιθήκων = "Monkey" ( with a tail)
κυνοκέφαλος = " Baboon" (dog-faced)

Aristotle - History of Animals , Book II Part 8
Some animals share the properties of man and the quadrupeds, as the ape(Kebos), the monkey(Pithkon), and the baboon(Kunokefalos) , The monkey is a tailed ape, The baboon resembles the ape in form, only that it is bigger and stronger, more like a dog in face. ... ongs=H8500
According to Lexicon, it's either a Peacock or Ape (contradictory meaning) and assign "Probably of foreign derivation"

A peacock appears in Job 39:13, under a different word, נעלסה (NOLKE) , from πέλεκυς " Pelican" .

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