Josephus - Gadarene swine

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Josephus - Gadarene swine

Post by Ethan » Wed May 09, 2018 3:31 am

The parable of the Gadarene Swine is explained in Josephus, who explains the primary method for extracting Demons.
Josephus - Antiquities of the Jews, 8.45-6
God also enabled him (Solomon) to learn that skill which expels demons, which is a science useful and sanative to men. He composed such incantations also by which distempers are alleviated. And he left behind him the manner of using exorcisms, by which they drive away demons, so that they never return

and this method of cure is of great force unto this day; for I have seen a certain man of my own country, whose name was Eleazar, releasing people that were demoniacal in the presence of Vespasian, and his sons, and his captains, and the whole multitude of his soldiers. The manner of the cure was this

He put a ring that had a root of one of those sorts mentioned by Solomon to the nostrils of the demoniac, after which he drew out the demon through his nostrils; and when the man fell down immediately, he abjured him to return into him no more, making still mention of Solomon, and reciting the incantations which he composed

And when Eleazar would persuade and demonstrate to the spectators that he had such a power, he set a little way off a cup or basin full of water, and commanded the demon, as he went out of the man, to overturn it, and thereby to let the spectators know that he had left the man;
This method of exorcising in Josephus is actually the origin of the Gadarene swine in Mark 5.
Josephus mentions 'nose-rings' and i have found a reference in the Old Testament.

Proverbs 11:22
Nose-ring of gold in a swine's snout

The word for swine in this verse, Chaziyr(חזיר ) , is similar too the word used in Mark 5, Choiros (χοίρῳ), an allegory for the Snout, Spirit is just breathe that exhales and inhales through the nose .

The name 'Gadarene is a localization of the name חזיר by adding the place-name -ון suffix

חזירון > Gadarene * GDR
χοῖρος > Gerasene * GRS

* guttural O : χοίρ > χγίρ > χζίρ(חזיר) > χδίρ - γδαρ - γαδαρα

" The place of the Swine "

Similar place-name anecdotes are used in the Bible, "therefore he called the place ..." e.g. Gen 32:30 , sometimes they use folk-etymology to explain places, e.g. Mar 15:22 .

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