When a mule becomes king.

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When a mule becomes king.

Post by Ethan » Mon Nov 26, 2018 11:41 pm

The most unusual word appears in Genesis 36:24, ימם and translates 'Mule' and this can be defined from ἡμίονον 'Half-Ass', a compound of ἥμι 'Half' and ὄνος 'Ass'.

This characters in this verse, Zibeon (צבעון, Σεβεγων ) and Anah (ענה, Ωνας ) are ζύγιον & ὄνος and the word ζύγιον, in the form of ὑποζύγια is used in this verse as a translation of חמרים.

Zechariah 9:9
behold, thy King cometh unto thee: he is just, and having salvation; lowly, and riding upon an ass, and upon a colt the foal of an ass.
עיר בן־אתנות : πῶλον υἱὸν ὑποζυγίου

Herodotus 1.55
When the Medes (המדי) have a mule ( ימם/ἡμίονον) as king

Herodotus 3.153
twentieth month of the siege a marvellous thing befell Zopyrus, son of that Megabyzus who was one of the seven destroyers of the Magus one of his food-carrying mules ( ἡμίονοι) gave birth. Zopyrus would not believe the news; but when he saw the foal (βρέφος) for himself, he told those who had seen it to tell no one; then reflecting he recalled the Babylonian's word at the beginning of the siege—that the city would be taken when a mule(ἡμίονοι) gave birth—and having this utterance in mind he conceived that Babylon might be taken; for the hand of heaven, he supposed, was in the man's word and the birth from his own mule (ἡμίονον)

This particular 'mule' (half-ass) is Cyrus (Isaiah 45:1 - למשיחו לכורש ) and the word πῶλον 'Foal' is the poetic word for a Maiden or עלמ (Isaiah 7:14), עמנואל- ἡμίονος πῶλος.

פרד- οὐρεύς 'Mule' (ἡμίονος)
פרש- Horse
פרס- Persian

The prefix of ἡμίονος, ἥμι is ἥμισυς, μισός 'Half', see מדי(Mede).

Deuteronomy 2:11 - Anakims & Emims
ענקים - ὀνικός, ὀνικόν
אמים- αιμίονῳ (Aeolic for ἡμιόνῳ)
החרים- οὐρέων 'Mules'
עיר- שעיר, οὐρῇ, σάτουρος

*mules being much used in mountainous countries.
* שעיר& עיר, animals of the הר

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