12 Winds of Jacob

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12 Winds of Jacob

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It says in 35:18, 'But his father called him Benjamin' without any given poetry for the name but the name given by his mother, 'Benoni' as plenty of bilingual poetry. The Septuagint translates 'בן־אוני' into 'Υἱὸς ὀδύνης μου ' (Son of my sorrow) but transliterates the name בנימין into Βενιαμιν rather then 'Υἱὸς δεξιός' (Son on the right hand).

ימין also written תמין means 'South' and the meaning behind the word is explained in Job

Job 9:9 - Chambers of the south

The Greek word for 'chambers' is ταμίεια (תא - H8372) further explained in Job 37:9, מן־החדר ' (From the South)
is translated into ἐκ ταμιείων and the Hebrew word 'חדר is ἕδρᾳ and the word North in this verse
is מזרים which is κυνόσουραν (νσραν/מזרים) 'Dog-tail', the northern constellation of Ursa Minor.

ἕδρᾳ/חדר, Quarters of the sky in which omens appear, seat, abode. esp. of the gods, sanctuary, temple, throne and is probably the Hydra constellation, Ὑδρα/חדר 'sea serpent' and the word 'ταμίαι' also associated with the Sea, 'ἁλὸς ταμίαι (Lord of the Sea).

A rare poetic word for southern, southerly is εὐώνυμον > εβώνυμον > βνυμον > בנימין
*' of good name, honored, euphem. of bad omens, left ' (ἕδρᾳ/חדר, Quarters of the sky in which omens appear)
* εὐώνυμον means 'left' in Greek rather then 'right', perhaps due too culture.

Job 37:9 uses those words describing the direction of 'Wind' and the Ancient Greeks and Phoenicians used a 12-Wind rose, one of the winds Ζέφυρος so named another son of Jacob, Zebulun (ζέφυρον/זבולן) who dwelt at the Havens of the Seas (ימים) which in the West (Ζέφυρος - Westerly Wind) .

תימנה : νότος, ταμίεια (South)
נגב : λίψ, λιβός, לובי, Λίβυες , לוי (South West) *λ>ג + initial גב/לב , נ .
זבולן : ζέφυρον (West)

Wind direction is important for wind sailing.

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