Note: Essential Reading - in & out of copyright

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Note: Essential Reading - in & out of copyright

Postby DCHindley » Mon Sep 05, 2016 7:02 am

In addition to the lists of e-books, all published before 1925 so as to avoid any copyright infringements, there are some printed books to get if you want to at least pretend to know anything about the religious and literary environment in which Christianity was born and grew. So, find and purchase, copies of the following:

James H Charlesworth's Old Testament Pseudepigrapha. Two volumes (vol. 1 1983, vol 2 1985), paperback. The title is a misnomer, as this volume is not restricted to "Old Testament" Pseudepigrapha" as R H Charles' 2 volume Aprocrypha and Pseudepigrapha of the Old Testament (1910) was, but is a collection of fresh English translations of Jewish books and fragments of books composed between 300 BCE and 300 CE (roughly, as some like "3rd Enoch" - a Jewish heckhaloth book dedicated to merkabah/throne mysticism - are possibly 7th century CE or later), with critical commentaries. The material also includes full texts of works like Sibylline Oracles where Christians have re-edited Jewish works. These two volumes are real eye openers, especially the critical comments.

v. 1. Apocalyptic literature and testaments
v. 2. Expansions of the "Old Testament" and legends, wisdom and philosophical literature, prayers, psalms, and odes, fragments of lost Judeo-Hellenistic works

Amazon still has the two volume set available, new, for $46.59 US! Get it!!!


By far one of the most important set of volumes in my library is Emil Schürer's History of the Jewish People in the Age of Jesus Christ (175 B.C. - A.D. 135), Revised edition, T & T Clark, Edinburgh, 1973-1987. This translation was based on the three volume 3rd German edition, entitled Geschichte des Jüdischen Volkes im zeitalter Jesu Christi. The third edition was published as follows: 2nd & 3rd vol. 1898; 1st vol .1901. A subsequent "4th" German edition, identical to the 3rd, was published in 1909; an Index to the whole was published in 1911).

Volume I (ISBN 0 567 02242 0): A New English Edition, revised and edited by Geza Vermes & Fergus Millar, Literary Editor Pamela Vermes, Organizing Editor Matthew Black, 1973, Jewish History.

Volume II (ISBN 0 567 02243 9): A New English Edition, revised and edited by Geza Vermes, Fergus Millar, Matthew Black, Literary Editor Pamela Vermes, Organizing Editor Matthew Black, 1979, Jewish Culture, Political & Social Institutions, Messianism.

Volume III.1 (ISBN 0 567 02244 7): A New English Edition, revised and edited by Geza Vermes, Fergus Millar, Martin Goodman, Literary Editor Pamela Vermes, Organizing Editor Matthew Black, 1986, Jewish-Gentile relationships in the Diaspora, Jewish literature in Hebrew, Aramaic & Greek.

Volume III.2 (ISBN 0 567 09373 5): A New English Edition, revised and edited by Geza Vermes, Fergus Millar, Martin Goodman, Literary Editor Pamela Vermes, Organizing Editor Matthew Black, 1987, Jewish literature such as Apocrypha & Pseudepigrapha (including some that may by Christian revisions of originally Jewish works), Philo, and finally a complete index of all volumes.

If one asks "Why spend $ for these when English translations of Schürer's already exist on the web for free?"

The previous English Translation, published in five volumes as A History of the Jewish People in the time of Jesus Christ (1885-1890), was based on the 2 volume 2nd revised German edition, also entitled Geschichte des Jüdischen Volkes im zeitalter Jesu Christi, published between 1885-1890, ISBN 10 for the whole set is 1-56563-049-1, ISBN 13 is 978-1-56563-049-9).

Vol 2 of the 2nd revised German edition was published as the "2nd Division" in three volumes in 1885. Volume 1 of the German 2nd revised edition was published as the "1st Division" in two volumes in 1890. An index to the 5 volume set was published in 1891.

First Division: Political History of Palestine from BC 175 to AD 135.
Vol 1, 1890.
Vol 2, 1890

Second Division: The Internal Condition of Palestine, and the Jewish people, in the Time of Jesus Christ.
Vol 1, 1885
Vol 2, 1885
Vol 3, 1885

Go ahead, be confused. The newer revised edition edited by Vermes et al brings the bibliography and many historical statements up-to-date (1970-1980s) and corrects Schürer in matters of fact where he was clearly wrong. Also, it is based on the 3rd revised edition, not the second revised version, so is more in keeping with Schürer's thinking as it finally fleshed out. However, this is not always expressly stated, so you have to keep an eye out for notes that indicate modern authors for various excurses and sections. However, you cannot beat the review of the period, especially its literature.

Many of the literary works alluded to in Schürer's work(s), but un-translated in the original or revised English editions, are translated in Charlesworth's work noted above. Unfortunately, it has inexplicitly gone out of print, after all that effort, and has never come out in a paperback edition. I found my copies, new, as remainders, but I doubt that will happen anymore, except for stray volumes. You will have to search used book sites for copies, and collect them as you can. Do it!!!

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Re: Note: Essential Reading - in copyright

Postby DCHindley » Sun Apr 02, 2017 4:59 am

A Punch in the nose is not art, but the words with which we attempt to justify it are certainly art, they are words with which we attempt to persuade, to describe and convey our emotion, to communicate an idea.

Joyce Cary, Art & Reality (1958)

Historical evidence is the punch in the nose. Art is how we explain it. This is the nature of the historical beast, whether we like it or not. Deal with it! :o

Nose punch #1)

*Loeb Classical Library translations (1926-1965). Library catalog references are very confused due to changes in editions at Loeb causing headaches for the poor librarians. I only own the original set, so this is the best I can make of it:
Loeb Vol
9 v. (1965)
10 v. (1987?)
13 v. (1998?)
The Life and Against Apion18619260-674-99205-9H. St John Thackeray111
The Jewish War, Books I-III20319270-674-99223-7H. St John Thackeray22
The Jewish War, Books IV-VII21019280-674-99232-6H. St John Thackeray33
The Jewish War, Books I-II2030-674-99568-6H. St John Thackeray2
The Jewish War, Books III-IV4870-674-99536-8H. St John Thackeray3
The Jewish War, Books V-VII2100-674-99569-4H. St John Thackeray4
Jewish Antiquities, Books I-IV24219300-674-99267-9H. St John Thackeray44
Jewish Antiquities, Books V-VIII28119340-674-99310-1H. St John Thackeray and Ralph Marcus55
Jewish Antiquities, Books IX-XI32619370-674-99360-8Ralph Marcus66
Jewish Antiquities, Books XII-XIV36519430-674-99402-7Ralph Marcus77
Jewish Antiquities, Books XV-XVII41019630-674-99451-5Ralph Marcus and Allen Wikgren88
Jewish Antiquities, Books XVIII-XX43319650-434-99433-2Louis H. Feldman9
Jewish Antiquities, Books XVIII-XIX4330-674-99477-9Louis H. Feldman9
Jewish Antiquities, Book XX4560-674-99502-3Louis H. Feldman10
Jewish Antiquities, Books I-III2420-674-99575-9H. St John Thackeray5
Jewish Antiquities, Books IV-VI4900-674-99539-2H. St John Thackeray and Ralph Marcus6
Jewish Antiquities, Books VII-VIII2810-674-99576-7H. St John Thackeray and Ralph Marcus7
Jewish Antiquities, Books IX-XI3260-674-99360-8Ralph Marcus8
Jewish Antiquities, Books XII-XIII3650-674-99577-5Ralph Marcus9
Jewish Antiquities, Books XIV-XV4890-674-99538-4Ralph Marcus10
Jewish Antiquities, Books XVI-XVII4100-674-99578-3Ralph Marcus and Allen Wikgren11
Jewish Antiquities, Books XVIII-XIX4330-674-99477-9Louis H. Feldman12
Jewish Antiquities, Books XX4560-674-99502-3Louis H. Feldman13

Nose punch #2)

LCL Volume, translators & American ISBN
Title of Books contained in volume, English, Greek and Latin
A handy link to find it for your very own (arms extended for big hug! :eek: )
(Philo) L226 Volume I (tr F H Colson & G H Whitaker, 1929, Unicode), 0-674-99249-0On the Account of the World's Creation given by Moses (Περι Της Κατα Μωτσεα Κοσμοποιιας, De Opificio Mundi), Allegorical Interpretation of Genesis books II, III (Νομων Ιερων Αλληγοριας Των Μετα Την Εξαημερον Το Πρωτον, Legum Allegoriae)
(Philo) L227 Volume II (tr F H Colson & G H Whitaker, 1929, Unicode), 0-674-99250-4On the Cherubim and the flaming sword, and Cain the first man created out of man (Περι Των Χερουβιμ Και Της Φλογινης Ρομφαιας Και Του Κτισθεντος Πρωτου Εξ Ανθρωπου Καιν, De Cherubim), On the birth of Abel and the sacrifices offered by him and by his brother Cain (Περι Γενεσεως Αβελ Και Ων Αυτος Τε Και Ο Αδελφος Αυτου Καιν Ιερουργουσιν, De Sacrificiis Abelis et Caini), That the worse is wont to attack the better (Περι Toυ Το Χειρον Τωι Κρειττονι Φιλειν Επιτιθεσθαι, Quod Deterius Potiori insidiari solet), On the Posterity of Cain and his Exile (Περι Των Toυ Δοκησισοφου Καιν Εγγονων Και Ωσ Μεταναστης Γιγνεται, De Posteritate Caini), On the Giants (Περι Γιγαντων, De Gigαntibus).
(Philo) L247 Volume III (tr F H Colson & G H Whitaker, 1930, Unicode), 0-674-99272-5On the Unchangeableness of God (Οτι Ατρεπτον Το Θειον, Quod Deus immutabilis sit), On Husbandry (Περι Γεωργιας, De Agricultura), Concerning Noah's Work as a Planter (Περι Φυτουργιας Νωε Το Δευτερον, De Plantatione), On Drunkenness (Περι Μεθης, De Ebrietate), On the prayers and curses uttered by Noah when he became sober (Περι Ων Νηψας Ο Νωε Ευχεται Και Καταραται, De Sobrietate)
(Philo) L261 Volume IV (tr F H Colson & G H Whitaker, 1932, Unicode), 0-674-99287-3On the Confusion of Tongues (Περι Συγχυσεως Διαλεκτων, De Confusione Linguarum), On the Migration (of Abraham) (Περι Αποικίας, De Migratione Abrahami), Who is the Heir of Divine Things and on the division into equals and opposites (Περι Tot Τισ Ο Των Θειων Εστιν Κληρονομος Και Περι Της Εις Τα Ισα Και Εναντια Τομης, Quis Rerum Divinarum Heres), On mating with the preliminary studies (Περι Της Προς Τα Προπαιδετματα Συνοδου, De Congressu quaerendae Eruditionis gratia)
(Philo) L275 Volume V (tr F H Colson & G H Whitaker, 1935, Unicode), 0-674-99303-9On Flight and Finding (Περι Φυγης Και Ετρεσεως, De Fuga et Inventione, or De Profugis), On the Change of Names (Περι Των Μετονομαζομενων Και Ων Ενεκα Μετονομαζονται, De Mutatione Nominum), On Dreams, that they are God-sent (Περι Toυ Θεοπεμπτοτς Ειναι Τους Ονειρους, De Somniis)
(Philo) L289 Volume VI (tr F H Colson, 1935, Unicode), 0-674-99319-5On Abraham (Βιος Σοφου Του Κατα Διδασκαλιαν Tελειωθεντος Η Νομων Αγραφων <Το Πρωτον> Ο Εστι Περι Αβρααμ, De Abrahamo), On Joseph (Βιος Πολιτικου Οπερ Εστι Περι Ιωσηφ, De Iosepho), On the Life of Moses Books I & II (Περι Toυ Βιου Μωτσεως, De Vita Mosis)
(Philo) L320 Volume VII (tr F H Colson, 1937, Unicode), 0-674-99353-5On the Decalogue (Περι Των Δεκα Λογων Οι Κεφαλαια Νομων Εισιν, De Decalogo), On the Special Laws Books I-III (Περι Των Εν Μερει Διαταγματων De Specialibus Legibus)
(Philo) L341 Volume VIII (tr F H Colson, 1939, Unicode), 0-674-99376-4On the Special Laws Book IV (Περι Των Εν Μερει Διαταγματων, De Specialibus Legibus), On the Virtues (Φιλωνος, De Virtutibus), On Rewards and Punishments (Περι Αθλων Και Επιτιμιων, De Praemiis te Poenis)
(Philo) L363 Volume IX (tr F H Colson, 1941, Unicode), 0-674-99400-0Every Good Man is Free (Περι Toυ Παντα Σπουδαιον Ελευθερον Ειναι, Quod Omnis Probus Liber sit), On the Contemplative Life or Suppliants (Περι Βιου Θεωρητικου Η Ικετων, De Vita Contemplativa), On the Eternity of the World (Περι Αφθαρσιας Κοσμου, De Aeternitate Mundi), Regarding Flaccus (Εισ Φλακκον, In Flaccum), Apology for the Jews (Υποθετικων (Υπερ Ιουδαιων Απολογιας), preserved in Eusebius' Praep. Evang., Apologia pro ludaeis), On Providence (quoted in Eusebius' Praep. Evang., without giving the title, De Providentia)
(Philo) L379 Volume X (tr F H Colson, Index by J W Earp, 1962, Unicode), 0-674-99417-5On the Embassy to Gaius (Φιλωνος Αρετων Πρωτον Ο Εστι Της Αυτου Πρεσβειας Προς Γαιον, De Legatione ad Gaium), General Index to Volumes I-X
(Philo) L380 Supplement I, Questions & Answers on Genesis (tr Ralph Marcus, 1953, not Unicode), ISBN 13: 978-0-674-99418-8Questions and Answers on Genesis (Quaestiones et Solutiones in Genesin)
(Philo) L401 Supplement II, Questions & Answers on Exodus (tr Ralph Marcus, 1953, not Unicode), ISBN 13: 978-0-674-99442-3Questions and Answers on Exodus 2 (Quaestiones et Solutiones in Exodum), General Index to Supplements I-II

What is nice is that, unlike the Josephus volumes, these (except for the last two supplemental volumes) are OCR scanned and the Greek is in Unicode, so you can copy & paste from it to your heart's content (although I'd check the spelling, as who knows how well trained Tesseract was at the time these were scanned)!

Funny thing about Philo translations is that they are Greek language, but the titles are almost ALWAYS in Latin, OCCASIONALLY in English, and NEVER in Greek. Stupid!

Ouch! :goodmorning:
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