Omissions in gLuke

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Omissions in gLuke

Post by Huon » Sat Mar 12, 2016 8:54 am

The Gospel of Luke relies heavily on the Gospel of Mark but omits everything in Mark that lies between the miracle of feeding the 5000 (Mk 06:35-44, Lk 09:12-17) to Peter’s acknowledgment that Jesus was the Christ (Mk 08:27-33, Lk 09:18-22).

That is, after following much of Mark closely, Luke omits:
1. Jesus walking on the sea of Galilee (Mk 06:45-52, Mt 14:22-33)
2. Healing many at Gennesaret (Mk 06:53-56, Mt 14:34-36)
3. Controversy with Pharisees over eating with unwashed hands (Mk 07:01-13, Mt 15:01-09)
4. Exorcising the daughter of the woman from Tyre/Sidon (Mk 07:24-30, Mt 15:21-28)
5. Healing (with saliva) the deaf-mute in region of Decapolis (Mk 07:31-37)
6. Feeding the 4000 in the wilderness (Mk 08:01-10, Mt 15:32-39)
7. Controversy with Pharisees over a sign and warning of leaven of Pharisees and Herod (Mk 08:11-21, Mt 16:01-12)
8. Healing the blind man (after two attempts) (Mk 08:22-26)


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Re: Omissions in gLuke

Post by Adam » Sat Mar 12, 2016 9:00 am

GLuke (at its Proto-Luke stage written by Simon the future bishop of Jerusalem) was the first "take-off" from the Evolving Proto-Gospel.
The above items were added later by someone who accompanied Jesus during that trip to Syro-Phoenicia (Mark 7:24-31). It's a round trip journey.
The later "take-off" was the Proto-Matthew later used in writing GMark and GMatthew.
None of these three gospel writers ever saw the other two Synoptics before or during writing.

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Re: Omissions in gLuke

Post by Secret Alias » Sat Mar 12, 2016 9:14 am

Jesus walking on the sea of Galilee (Mk 06:45-52, Mt 14:22-33) = shows Jesus was a spirit and Luke was anti-Marcionite hence it would support the heretical flying Jesus. This would support the idea that the 'Mark' used by Luke was not only Marcionite but specifically understood Jesus to be a spirit.
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