The Paranormal, as portrayed in Contemporary Art

What do they believe? What do you think? Talk about religion as it exists today.
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The Paranormal, as portrayed in Contemporary Art

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There was a thread somewhere recently, on a new Masters degree in the Occult offered at a Briddish uni.

This also suggests a minor zeitgeist, or maybe something coincidental w/ the Halloween moment: ... -galleries

Pearson Wright lives near Bungay {UK}, a Suffolk town associated with the Shuck right back to the 16th century. Bungay had the highest number of satanists per capita** in the last national census.

Pearson Wright is fascinated by spiritual practices, such as werewolf shamanism, but he also says of the Black Shuck: “He could, of course, just be a big metaphor for something in the human psyche, and I think that’s interesting to contemplate too. He perhaps represents chaos, the Dionysian, the amoral natural world.

“Perhaps, most of all, he represents something within us, that part of ourselves which is unknowable and uncontrollable.

Black Shuck? Nope, that's not me!

** Although the major Xian denominations are reported, I don't think the US Census records Satanists. Plausibly, that 'capital' might be Salem MA, too. Perhaps Detroit, MI is a runner-up? I discount the Satanic Panics of the 1970s and 80s, however: rubbish claims by evangelical Xians. Not to dismiss that Missoura devilment; otoh, there are Satanic landmarks across the USA. Someone needs to organize all those teenage Satanists!

Where do all the warlocks live?

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