Military Rabbi Says 'Whole Country' Is 'Ours,' Including Lebanon

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Military Rabbi Says 'Whole Country' Is 'Ours,' Including Lebanon

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Rabbi at Israeli Military Training Base Says 'Whole Country' Is 'Ours,' Including Gaza and Lebanon

A military rabbi told a crowd of soldiers Saturday night that the past month of war has been the “happiest of my life” — excluding the wounded, the dead and the hostages — and vowed Israel would conquer the Gaza Strip and Lebanon.

Including Lebanon? Admittedly, I have my own queer ideas (YES --Semite Tyre was 'largely Judaic' in Antiquity) and I do suspect that Northern Israelite-ish tribes occupied parts of Lebanon. I have not seen this idea developed elsewhere, however. How is 'Lebanon' an Israeli land (in Settlers' minds) in the 21st C?

Irridentism (in Ukraine, Abkhazia, and now Lebanon) is quite the theme in 2023.
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Re: Military Rabbi Says 'Whole Country' Is 'Ours,' Including Lebanon

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I watched a very recent ABC documentary made just prior to October 2023. There were interviews of both Palestinian locals and Israeli settlers in the West Bank. When asked by the interviewer whether the Israeli settler had any title deeds to the land settled upon, he produced the bible and quoted Abraham. Nuff said. It's unlikely that Netanyahu should read Gmirkin.
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