Cosmism, Resurgent

What do they believe? What do you think? Talk about religion as it exists today.
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Cosmism, Resurgent

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Cosmism was a curious Russian philosophical movement of the 19th C., almost a forgotten footnote in history.

But some of its key tenets have proven to be enduring, especially in Silicon Valley. (I'm so glad we're not solving world hunger, global climate change, controversial stuff: it's more fun to measure our nightly erections.) Though some may disagree, I think at its root this is a religious idea: the craving for Immortality. ... ia-future/

On a very related side-note:
Am I the only one here who finds Bryan Johnson's quest fascinating/ hilarious? I read every goddamn article :lol: ... -mortality ... mortality/
he’s spent more than $4 million developing a life-extension system called Blueprint, in which he outsources every decision involving his body to a team of doctors, who use data to develop a strict health regimen to reduce what Johnson calls his “biological age.” That system includes downing 111 pills every day, wearing a baseball cap that shoots red light into his scalp, collecting his own stool samples, and sleeping with a tiny jet pack attached to his penis to monitor his nighttime erections. Johnson thinks of any act that accelerates aging—like eating a cookie, or getting less than eight hours of sleep—as an “act of violence.”


Why I am not surprised he was raised Mormon lol

If you cannot find this amusing, we cannot be friends: ... herapy.pdf ... -year-old/
The shocks, which are not electrical, work similarly to workouts by creating “micro-injuries,” that the muscle then rebuilds, he said. The treatment is “painful,” he said, describing the pain as a 7/10 — but a 9/10 “at the tip.” “I have been shocked by the results. I’m now two months in. My subjective experience is as if my penis has gotten 15 years younger,” he said. “To get to the level of an 18-year-old I would need three hours and 30 minutes of nighttime erections. So that’s the goal we’re trying to achieve,” he said.

Riiiiiight. I saw that movie: "Maaannn, if'n I could go back in time, I'd take State ..."

otoh -- and maybe I'm a Terrible Person for saying this -- but his transformation vaguely resembles another ex-Mormon kook: Bruce Jenner. This photo strikes me as odd. Did you ever pose w/ your Dad like that? I. Can't. Even. (Do you notice: they paint their nails the same color, too!) Sorry, but there's some very weird Narcissus/Peter Pan stuff going on here ... so no sword fighting, guys!

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