Noticeable influences of christianity in your society today

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Noticeable influences of christianity in your society today

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In which ways do you consider christianity influences society today, from the smallest influences to the biggest?

As a small example, for various reasons it is the norm in modern scholarly works of ancient history and biblical studies to use BCE (before the common era) and CE (common era) rather than BC and AD. However, one cannot bring Wiki articles into line with this scholarly usage because there is a strong christian component at work in Wiki, which resists such a change and the rule now operates such that no articles that use BC and/or AD can be changed and new articles are up to the choice of the article initiator, who can choose one or the other system.

But I'm sure there are lots of examples. An easy one to see is the fact that we have a seven day week, a Jewish idea, taken over by the christians. These days were usually unnamed except for the sabbath, the prosabbath and, with christianity in power, the lord's day and shifting the day of rest from the sabbath to the lord's day. The Romans named the hours of each day after the known planets and eventually the name of the first hour was associated with the day, which gave the source for the majority of day names in Latin influenced countries, with the exception of the day of Sol which became dies dominicus (day of the lord). Those planet names were associated with deities in Anglo-Saxon culture and gave us the names of the days we have in English today. The Roman system of day names was preserved because of the influence of the christian seven day week calendar and of course the yearly calendar is filled with christian events, even the most pagan, Halloween, is merely the dangerous night that dissipates with the arrival of the day of All Hallows.

So I've given a few more trivial indications of christian influence on our societies. What are the signs of christianity you notice?
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