question about evil

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Re: question about evil

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... alright, so let's review the topic:
- you post a thought-provoking dualist dilemma
- people took you seriously at first, but then it became obvious that you're a sophist with no real meaning behind their words
- people called you out on it, you kept deflecting, all the while making pompous statements on their intellect
- I started following your every lead and none of them lead anywhere
- you got annoyed real fast

The opening statement was:
How did evil pop into existence in the garden if God did not create it?

God seems to be like a being who is not absolute.
Andrew Criddle's on-point reply was: "evil is the absence of good" which should have ended this server-space-wasting topic right there and then, but then by fortune an idea came up that "evil is the absence of God" and that is by all logic :rolleyes: ... so OF COURSE you grabbed it like hotcakes in an attempt to further develop your straw men views. And so down the rabbit hole into your comfy space it went. As long as the topic was on your ground, you were fine because it made you feel smart.

... but here we are, at the end - you can't tell right from wrong yet claim otherwise, you style yourself gnostic yet avoid gnosis, you berate religion yet are religious yourself... and the best you can do to overcome all this is to avoid it all and deflect like mad. Of course you will deny this to yourself - Ialdabaoth is blind to higher things. I would find it funny to how much of an extent you're everything the NHL warns about if I wasn't aware of how serious of a topic this was.

To the peanut gallery (20000+ views? wtf): I shouldn't probably be bothering with this, but preachers like gb here are genuinely dangerous men. You might find his ramblings funny, his remarks witty, his thought provoking, and a random topic on the net harmless. But for every one of you knowing better there are 50 new-agers that would devour his words like truth itself and will not question the logic behind them. It's because of these guys that we cannot have nice things with the gnosis fringed to whacko territory in public eye. The conversation with these guys always goes as presented in this topic ... yet there are always at least some listeners that identify themselves with the strawman logics here and follow the slippery slopes, so it ends up spreading further and further. Other than giving gnosis a bad rep, this kind of "ecumenic" dualist religion is actually poison since anyone can stick their own disturbing shit into its shape and call it justified, basically! Most importantly, once it reaches critical mass of followers, it ends up being way more sinister and deadly than any prescribed religion has ever been. See WWII. And yeah, padre here might not see the connection between his teachings and worldly evil himself (no new-ager does, as a matter of fact)... which is what makes him even more dangerous.
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