Great March of Return’ protest held at Israel-Gaza border

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Black Lives Still Matter

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nili wrote: Sun Jun 07, 2020 2:46 pm
JoeWallack wrote: Sun Jun 07, 2020 11:49 am To their credit both sides of "The Palestinian Problem" have generally avoided/toned down their attempted merger/hijacking of the George Floyd issue. The Hard Left which likes to generally match Israel/Israel supporters with the villain of the issue and Jewish organizations that try to match historic Jewish victimhood with the current victim. Doing so dilutes support for the issue at hand. Recent Hard Left leaders like Farrakhan, Sarsour and Mallory who have tried and failed to do so are now largely irrelevant to America as a whole.
What a pile of malignant rubbish. The idea that you're concerned about diluting a social justice issue is laughable.

The fact of the matter is that demanding that Israel get its foot off the neck of the Palestinians reinforces rather than dilutes the BLM movement. I suspect the families of both Iyad Halak and George Floyd would agree.
Oh well allow me to retort
What a fucking pile of shit. The fact is that the murder of George Floyd parallels with the murder of victims of Palestinian Terrorism who's only "crime" is they have a different identity (being Jewish). But I don't hold up a sign saying that. Halak was unintentional. The Palestinian victims are not. For that matter the overwhelming majority of police would not have approved of murdering Floyd while the overwhelming majority of Palestinians would approve of their terrorism. So if you want to make parallels.

Just know that we're not going to be victims anymore either. In Israel or here by antisemitic pieces of shit.


Is Palestinian Terrorism Good For Israel?
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Re: Black Lives Still Matter

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JoeWallack wrote: Sun Jun 07, 2020 3:35 pm Just know that we're not going to be victims anymore either. In Israel or here by antisemitic pieces of shit.
"We"? There is no "we."

Despite your Kahanist bombast and the embarrassing demise of Israel's Zionist left, there is a growing segment of world Jewry sickened and incensed by Israel's apparent commitment to constructing an apartheid state one bantustan at a time. Israel's basket of deplorables may well posture as victor rather than victim, but I suspect that it will prove to be a pyrrhic victory. And, by the way, I say this as a proud Jew.
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