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The best movie of Jesus

Posted: Mon Oct 07, 2019 8:56 am
by Giuseppe
The following opening scene of a movie is the best synthesis of the Earliest Gospel. One has to know who is the victim to like what I am saying.
Giuseppe wrote: Mon Oct 07, 2019 7:53 am
Giuseppe wrote: Mon Oct 07, 2019 6:50 am Note also the similarity of Cyrenius with the Cyrenaic.

QRN is the semitic root for strength. Just as Simon of Cyrene introduces new strength (he alone is able to bear the cross, evidently because Jesus can't carry it, because Jesus is pure spirit or because Simon has to be the crucified person in the place of Jesus), so the fact that Jesus enters under Cyrenius (the Roman) means that Jesus introduces new divine strength in the History itself. Or something of similar.
Note that if Simon of Cyrene is fullness as opposed to emptiness, strength as opposed to weakness, matter as opposed to spirit, reality as opposed to not-reality, then whereas the docetic/separationist proto-Mark introduces Simon to deny that a pure spirit underwent the crucifixion (but an earthly man called Simon in the his place), the anti-docetic Luke introduced the Cyrenius (as opposed to the Cyrenaic) to say that the fulness, the strength, the matter, the reality, entered with Jesus being Jesus the real thing, the earthly man. Appeared under Cyrenius not coincidentially.