The book, The First Messiah, fact or fiction?

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The book, The First Messiah, fact or fiction?

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Who has read the book: The First Messiah by Michael O Wise?

I consider the book by Michael O Wise, "The First Messiah" a book of fantasy/fiction contrived from the Dead Sea Scrolls.
To my surprise, others on this forum treat it as scholarly work.

To be fair, I have not bothered to read the entire book. I only have read excerpts and book reviews by experts who have read the book. I refuse to pay for (let alone read) a 350 page book of fiction based on the Dead Sea Scrolls. It reminds me of the the book "The Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown. I had friends and family say, John you love early Christian history, so you got to read this book because it tells the true story of Jesus and how the church covered up that he was married. Finally, after much pressure I gave in and read the Da Vinci Code. That was four hours of precious time I will never get back. So, to make up for it, I did a book review and pointed out all the obvious historical errors to my friends and family. Man o man, did I get backlash for telling the truth. It seems the useful idiots believe what they want to believe and contrary facts be damned as well as those who dare inject reality. They fail to realize authors will keep pumping out the bilge so long as there are suckers willing to buy their books.

Is there anyone on this forum willing to convince me the "The First Messiah" is non-fiction or is it a given that the book review critiques are right? ... t-messiah/

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