Meta-Cognition, in Karl Jaspers (Ludwig Edelstein's professor)

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Meta-Cognition, in Karl Jaspers (Ludwig Edelstein's professor)

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Emil Fackenheim's Metaphysics and historicity [1961], pp.72-4:
This doctrine implies a revolutionary concept of metaphysical cognition. In other forms of cognition, the knower may assume the standpoint of a detached subject viewing an object or a world of objects. The self-as-struggle which knows itself as struggle cannot adopt such a standpoint. For to do so would be to break up the reality of unresolvable struggle into two pseudo-realities: a subject which, being a detached spectator, is not involved in struggle; and an object which, being a mere object-for-understanding but qua object incapable of self-understanding, is not involved in the decisive struggle, either. If human being is unresolvable struggle, then it cannot achieve philosophical self-understanding though the kind of cognition achieved by a spectator - a definition given ab extra. The definition required must be a Self-definition; and this can spring only from existential attempts at radical self-transcendence, in which human being, seeking to rise above the unresolvable struggle which is its essence, recognizes its radical limitations by foundering in the attempt.42

42. The correlation between "attempt-at-transcendence," "border situation" and “foundering" is fully developed in Jaspers, Philosophie [1932], especially pp.467 ff.

"Step 1: We admitted we were powerless ..." a metaphysical fact in our radical self-awareness.

Thank you, Dr. Jaspers, Teacher of L. Edelstein (Rockefeller Author, at Johns Hopkins in 1938.)

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