Pharaoh Solomon???

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Pharaoh Solomon???

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"Historian claims Solomon was not King of Israel, but an Egyptian Pharaoh
Was the story of King Solomon's life whitewashed and rewritten by biblical scribes? A historian claims that this is the only logical explanation why there is no trace of his gold left in Israel.
By WALLA! Published: OCTOBER 16, 2022 16:21
Updated: OCTOBER 16, 2022 16:39"

"....According to him [Ralph Ellis], Solomon was not the king of Israel at all - but an Egyptian pharaoh named Shushank the First who ruled Egypt and Israel at the end of the 10th century BC (identified by most scholars with the Egyptian king Shishak mentioned in the Bible)...."
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Re: Pharaoh Solomon--or Assyrian Shalmaneser III ???

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One could compare and contrast another proposal:

'Solomon' (Shalmaneser III) and the emergence of Judah as an independent kingdom / Russell Gmirkin

Biblical narratives, archaeology, and historicity :
essays in honour of Thomas L. Thompson /
Author(s): Thompson, Thomas L.,; 1939- ; honouree.
Niesiołowski-Spanò, Łukasz, ; editor.
Pfoh, Emanuel, ; editor.
Publication: London, UK ; New York, NY, USA : T&T Clark,
Year: 2020
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Re: Pharaoh Solomon???

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Anyone interested in knowing what Gmirkin really wrote and not what SG dishonestly tries to imply here can see an outline of his argument in four parts:

Is Solomon’s Glory Based on the Assyrian Shalmaneser III’s Exploits? – part 1

The Acts of Solomon as a Neo-Assyrian Composition — part 2

Solomon’s Palace and Temple as Re-worked Assyrian Accounts — part 3

How the Story of Solomon Emerged from Assyrian and Babylonian Elites — part 4

John Van Seters compared much of the narrative of David to a Persian era oriental despot. But Van Seters has "correct thoughts" so will not be the target of SG's tiresome and predictable efforts at ridicule and defamation. -- usually on nothing more than what SG says he "believes" to be true on the basis of his own assumptions about what a title or abstract might somehow seem to imply to the superficial and motivated reader.
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