"Aristotle Never Lived"

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Re: "Aristotle Never Lived"

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Leucius Charinus wrote: Tue Nov 14, 2023 12:44 am But also from that same link is physical primary evidence:

Greek and Egyptian inscriptions ... Alexander the Great actually existed.

I was only referring to any written text as like the claims of books from Aristotle - there are few and inadequate contemporary written text about Alexander.

I agree that Alexander did live and he conquered Persia and etc.

The claim here is that the writing of Aristotle are not credible.
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Re: "Aristotle Never Lived"

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One of the best books that I have read recently is

Plato of Athens : a life in philosophy
by Robin Waterfield.
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, 2023.

Plato surely lived.
Aristotle, too.
That Alexander was a student of Aristotle makes good sense, given what we (can) know about Plato's and Aristotle's schools and Alexander's origins.
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Re: "Aristotle Never Lived"

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I agree w/ rational skepticism, but when I read insane conspiracy theory as mundane, mainstream belief I become convinced that something terrible and inescapable has doomed our democracy.

The Chinese Game and the Russian Game is to destroy the USA and West, by co-option and corruption. It's working, unfortunately.
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