Hieroglyphs, new online journal

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Hieroglyphs, new online journal

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Hieroglyphs is an internationally peer-reviewed open access e-journal aiming to promote the academic study of hieroglyphs in all their dimensions in Egyptology and with a comparative angle extending to other hieroglyphic traditions and writing systems with a strongly iconic component. The journal provides a dedicated home for studies of hieroglyphs in all their semiotic, linguistic, cognitive, aesthetic, cultural, and material aspects.

Current Issue
Vol. 1 (2023)

Orly Goldwasser, Stéphane Polis, Andréas Stauder

Dimitri Meeks
An Egypto-Grammatolgy: Why and How

Ben Haring
The Scribe’s Outfit in the Deir el-Medina Pseudo-script: Shapes and Uses

Jean Winand
Hieroglyphs in the Renaissance: Rebirth or New Life? (Part I)

Nathalie Beaux
Exploring the Hieroglyphic Sign after Champollion

David Klotz
Hieroglyphic Complexity at Esna. Unetymological Spellings, Trigrams, and Anadromes from Esna Temple and Finnegans Wake

Philipp Seyr
Graphetic Compounding in the First Intermediate Period. The Micro-history of ḥtr.wy “Span” and the Process of Sign Decomposition

Willemijn Waal
A Brief Note on the Cretan Hieroglyphic Signs 044 i and 056e

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