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Anat turns up in Gaza

Posted: Wed May 11, 2022 4:35 pm
by billd89
Head of a votive statuette of Anat (?) found by Palestinian farmer. This would be a super early variant of Astarte, as a Snake Goddess, who did battle w/Yam.

Experts think the nine-inch-tall sculpture depicts Anat, the Canaanite deity of love and war. They dated its head to around 2500 BC ... Anat, also known as Anath, was one of the most popular Canaanite goddesses. She was known for her violent temperament and role in the myth of Baal, in which she helped rescue him from the underworld. The unearthed limestone sculpture depicts Anat wearing a serpent crown, which was worn by gods as a sign of strength and resilience. ... 180980055/