miffed journalist invented Tut tomb curse (?)

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miffed journalist invented Tut tomb curse (?)

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"The curse of Tutankhamun was created by a disgruntled Daily Mail newspaper journalist, angry that the exclusive story on the tomb discovery had been given to The Times, a new documentary has claimed.

Howard Carter, the British archaeologist, discovered the tomb of the Egyptian pharaoh on Nov 4 1922, and entered the teenage king’s burial chamber with Lord Carnarvon the following February.

The tomb was still intact and packed with treasures, including the sarcophagus containing Tutankhamun.

Yet within six weeks of the opening, Lord Carnarvon was dead, and there followed a series of mysterious deaths of people who had either worked on the excavation or had visited the tomb, triggering a slew of newspaper articles suggesting that they were victims of an ancient curse.

Now, a new Channel 4 documentary has claimed that the curse rumour was sparked by Arthur Weigall, an Egyptologist-turned-reporter who was annoyed that the exclusive story had been given to The Times....

source: Telegraph [London] 18 June '22 by Sarah Knapton
https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2022/0 ... t-getting/
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Re: Urban Myth

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And does everyone know about Howard Steel and the MSG Myth?

https://www.lrb.co.uk/the-paper/v43/n17 ... ixth-taste
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