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Re: useful information about Islamic manuscripts

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JPCusickSr wrote: That is a Theological name fitting to all of humanity throughout time memorial, and the title of "Father" or Father-God does not need any historical backdrop.

You do not understand the factual evolution of monotheism from polytheism.

El was the father deity of all gods, and Yahweh was his son and Asherah his mother.

Later before 800BC we some Israelite cultures attributed all of Els definitions to Yahweh and both gods fused together. Most Israelite culture did not adopt this.

622BC we have King Josiahs reforms, but againg most people remained polytheistic as the text indicates despite the government redacting text to monotheism.

Monotheism was not fully seated until Hellenism entered Israel roughly 200-400 BC

Early on El the father and Yahweh the warrior, and Baal, and Asherah each went through periods of henotheism, and since we are dealing with multiple cultures in this geographic area that all had different beliefs, one really has to bone up academically to understand the past.

Karan Armstrong has done the easiest to read work here yet.
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