Islamic writings about the Messiah's death

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Islamic writings about the Messiah's death

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Islam and the Quran call Jesus al Masih, the Messiah. Other places mention his death.

Surah 19:33:
"Peace on me the day I was born, and the day I die, and the day I shall be raised alive!"
Another translation:
“There was peace on me the day I was born, and will be the day I die, and on the day I will be raised from the dead.”

The famous translator Yusuf Ali says on this verse:
"Christ was not crucified (S. IV. 157). But those who believe that he never died should ponder over this verse.” (Ali, “The Holy Qur’an”, p.774, f. 2485.)

Compare the use of the present tense "I die" with the way the Quran talks about John the Baptist's death in that time frame of the first century, using the present tense:
Surah 19:15: "And peace on him[John the Baptist] on the day he was born, and on the day he dies, and on the day he is raised to life." (Shakir)

Surah 3:55:
Lo! God said: “O Jesus! Verily, I shall cause thee to die, and shall exalt thee unto Me, and cleanse thee of the presence of those who are bent on denying the truth; and I shall place those who follow thee far above those who are bent on denying the truth, unto the Day of Resurrection.” (Asad translation)

Another translation:
God said, “O Jesus, I shall cause you to die and will raise you up to Me and shall clear you [of the calumnies] of the disbelievers, and shall place those who follow you above those who deny the truth, until the Day of Judgement.”

Surah 5:117 about Jesus:
"Nothing did I tell them beyond what Thou didst bid me to say: `Worship God, who is my Sustainer as well as your Sustainer.’ And I bore witness to what they did as long as I dwelt in their midst; but since Thou hast caused me to die, Thou alone hast been their keeper: for Thou art witness unto everything." (Asad)
Another translation:
"I was a witness to what they did as long as I remained among them, and when You did cause me to die, You were the watcher over them. You are the witness of all things." (W. Khan)

One writer concludes that this means:
(One) When Jesus was with his disciples on earth, he bore witness to them.

(Two) But then Allah caused him to die.

(Three) And now in heaven, Jesus says that Allah alone watches over them at present. ... -is-false/

Surah 3:144:
"And Muhammad is no more than a messenger; the messengers have already passed away before him; if then he dies or is killed will you turn back upon your heels?" (Shakir translation)

[Commentary on this Quranic verse above:]
“The Holy Prophet would leave the world as had done previous prophets, by natural death or murder.” (Qanwa ‘ala Baidawi, Volume 3, p.124)

My research on the prophecies of the Messiah's resurrection:
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Islamic writings about the Messiahs death

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Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this time of your life. God bless and may your mother rest in the lords house as all good mothers should.
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