Do Muslims pray to Jehovah?

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Do Muslims pray to Jehovah?

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Hello all, I am new here and just curious about certain aspects of different religions so please pardon my questions as I am not here to offend anyone of any religion in any way.

So, Jesus said the only way to Jehovah is through him and the Jews say only way to Jehovah is through believing in the Bible [Torah]. Speaking on this with one elderly Muslim man named Ali, he said picture Jehovah is at the top of a mountain and the Jews/Christians climb up on one side, the Muslims climb on the other side.

Any thoughts on this please? Blessings.
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Re: Do Muslims pray to Jehovah?

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The New Testament influenced by the cult of Julius Caesar, the father who art in the sky as a comet, that popularised the use of 'Father' in the 1st century.

John 14:6 - No one comes to the father

Jehovah (Διόπάν) and Allah (Ἀπόλλων) are rarely prefixed with the 'father' epithet, thus a Christian phenomena and Jehovah and Allah are the same deity representing Παιάν.

The real purpose of 'no one comes to the father' is to establish a patriarchy, in which 'father' is substituted with Pope, Cardinal, Archbishop, Bishop, Priest, indeed in many Churches, the abstinent Priest is called 'Father' by Christians inside a building, even though the Biblical God (Διόπάν) is a mobile (כתה) god that does not dwell in fixed buildings, more-so in Islam in which the mobile-god (כתה) is parked in the middle of Mecca, immovable and everyone prays to that fixed position, all is contradiction, blame Rome.
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